Price: $7.95


    The 6 Port RX/EX Power Hub is a must have accessory for any DYNAMIXEL user working with 4-pin servos. 

    The DYNAMIXEL communication bus allows you to daisy chain multile servos, making wiring a breeze. However sometimes you need to split your DYNAMIXEL chain into multiple directions. Just plug a 4-Pin Dynamixel Cable from your controller to any port on the hub, and you'll have 5 ports available for DYNAMIXEL's 4-pin servos.

    This hub has the added benefit of 2 power breakouts. You can plug in bare wire with the screw terminal block, or plug in power through the DC barrel jack. The 2.1*5.5 female barrel jack will accept any of our SMPS power supplies as well as our Battery Wiring Harness.

    The RX/EX Power Hub is compatible with the following DYNAMIXEL servos: This hub is NOT compatible with the all AX and 3-pin MX series of DYNAMIXEL servos.

    *Under certain circumstances, these servos can drop the voltage on Switched Mode Power Supplies. If you are using these servos with an SMPS we recommend also using the SMPS2DYNAMIXEL

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