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    The Hobby RFID Starter Kit is a great way to get started in experimenting with Arduino and RFID. This RFID kit gives you everything you need to get up and running.

    The RFIDuino V1.2 Arduino RFID Shield makes it easy to turn your Arduino microcontroller into an RFID reader. Just drop the RFIDuino Shield onto your Arduino, load the sample code to get started reading tags and learning how RFID works, then start altering the code to create your custom projects.

    The RFID getting started guide will take you through the process of working with the RFIDuino from loading basic code to more advanced projects like triggering physical outputs when cards are read.

    The RFID sample code gets you up and running fast

    You can modify the sample code to add new behaviors and functionality to your hobby RFID projects. The Arduino RFID Shield has 4 Digital I/O and 4 Analog Inputs broken out to our 3-pin RobotGeek connectors. You can use these ports to control a wide variety of devices, from relays and solenoids to lights and displays. You can also connect I2C devices through the 4pin connector. Additional devices and programming will allow you to create your own custom RFID solutions!

    Add XBee communication to your RFID Projects!

    The Hobby RFID Starter Kit also has a built in XBee socket on the RFID shield makes it a snap to add wireless communication to your Arduino RFID projects. Just drop in an Xbee and you can transmit data to any other device that has an XBee. You can use a USB to Xbee connection to create a wireless link from your RFIDuino to your computer, or you can send data to other XBee enabled microcontrollers. With the RFIDuino you can create handheld RFID scanners and checkpoints that report back to a central computer.

    The RFIDuino is based around the EM4095 chip and will allow you to read any of our EM4102 125KHz RFID tags. You can use our RFIDuino Library to interface with the EM4095 chip or interface directly to it using your own code.

    Demo Code Guides


    Additional Documentation and Information

    Legacy Documentation

    The following code will go more in-depth into working with the RFIDuino library at a lower level. These tutorials are great if your curious about how the RFIDuino Library works.