Price: $14.95

    The RobotGeek Spout Kit is an easy solution for making quick pour spouts. The kit comes with two spout plates, six riser plates, and a variety of standoffs so that you can customize the height of two spouts for your specific project. Simply build the spout to the height you need and run the silicone tubing through the holes. (Tubing sold separately here.)

    Kit Contents:
    • 2 x Spout Plates
    • 6 x Riser Plates
    • 20 x 30mm F/F Standoffs
    • 10 x 20mm F/F Standoffs
    • 10 x 10mm F/F Standoffs
    • 10 x 15mm M/F Standoffs
    • 50 x M3 x 6 Bolts

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