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The WidowX Pan Tilt kit is a mid level pan tilt kit using the wildly popular MX-64 DYNAMIXEL smart servos. With a resolution of 0.088°, rotation range of 360°, stall torque of 74 kg·cm, and speed of 78rpm you get tremendous resolution with very strong torque.

This Pan Tilt Kit provides the raw servos, brackets, and cables needed to build a Pan Tilt turret. (If you need a kit with a controller solution check out the ScorionX RoboTurret.) The standoffs are on a 5cm x 5cm pattern which can be mounted directly to your project, the provided base or the larger Robot Geek Workbenches. We recommend a larger base when mounting heavier loads on the Pan Tilt. The bottom servo can also be mounted to projects using many of the various DYMANIXEL brackets available.

The MX-64 ScorpionX Pan Tilt has many controller options:

Looking for a full Pan Tilt solution? Checkout the ScorpionX RoboTurret!

MX-64T Stats
Operating Voltage 14.8V 12V
Stall Torque 74 kg·cm
1033 oz·in
7.3 N.m
61 kg·cm
849 oz·in
6.0 N.m
No-load Speed 78 RPM 63 RPM
Resolution 0.088°
Operating Angle 360°
  • ScorpionX Robot Turret Overview - This is the overview for the ScorpionX Robot Turret. It uses the same servos and similar assembly as the Pan Tilt Kit, and can be a good reference guide.
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