Price: $8.95


    Easily link your project to a LiPo/Li-ion battery with the Battery Wiring Harness! This harness is the same one we use in our Hexapod and Quadruped kits.

    Just attach the male Dean connector to any of our LiPo/Li-ion Batteries and the barrel jack plug into your project, and you're ready to go! The harness even has a built in switch to quickly shut down power to your project. The switch is easily mountable - just cut a 6mm hole into your project and use the included nut and washer to securley fasten the switch to your chassis.

    The standard 2.1*5.5 male barrel jack connection will fit any 2.1*5.5 female barrel jack connection, such as Arduino/Geekduino Boards, a Female Pigtail Lead or the AX/MX Power Hub. Alternativley, you can just cut of the barrel jack and plug it directly into screw terminals, like those found on the Arbotix Robocontroller

    Due to high demand and supply chain/production fluctuation, please be aware we cannot guarantee that Interbotix Labs kits will be shipped immediately. We make every possible effort to keep kits in stock, but at times the production lags behind demand for various reasons. For time sensitive projects, please contact for an estimated lead time on our kits and plan purchases with ample time. Orders are shipped in the order they are received as stock allows.