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BIOLOID STEM Standard Robot Kit

Price: $349.90
Availibility: In Stock
Item #: RO-901-0028-200


See the Documentation & Downloads tab for driver compatibility information.

Exposing students to Robotics is a great way to teach STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) principals, but putting together the correct hardware, software and curriculum can be a daunting task. That's where the newest BIOLOID kit from ROBOTIS comes in. The BIOLOID STEM Standard Robot Kit is designed as a complete robotic learning experience. The STEM kit has modular hardware, so you can build 7 different pre-designed robots or go on to design your own robot. Combine that with the versatile and easy-to-program CM-530 controller and you'll find yourself building robots in no time! You can easily load pre-programmed behaviors to your robot using the RoboPlus software and even rewrite and load your own custom behaviors!

What really sets this STEM kit apart from other educational kits is the fantastic curriculum guide. These guides are far from a simple assembly manual - the 2 workbooks represent 21 weeks of comprehensive educational training. The STEM kit breaks each chapter into three phases: the Basic Phase, the Application Phase, and the Practical Phase. First, the Basic Phase will introduce students to different robots and robotic features with each to understand analogies, pictures, and examples. The basic phase will finish up with having students assemble the robot with a clear assmebly guide. Next the Application Phase will teach students about programming by explaining the pre-written programming examples step by step. This phase will also explain the math that goes into programming robots. Finally the Practical Phase will give students a chance to solve programming problems on their own, as well as learn about advanced robotic concepts. By the end of each chapter students will have a fully functioning robot running custom code that they have written!

Standard Kit Contents

  • 1 x CM-530
  • 2 x AX-12W DYNAMIXEL Robot Actuator
  • 1 x IR Sensor Array
  • 3 x Single IR Sensor
  • 6 x battery box
  • 1 x parrallel power board
  • OLLO Compatible Plates and Rivets
  • BIOLOID Compatible Frames
  • Bolts/Nuts
  • 6 x 3P BIOLOID Compatible Cables
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x OLLO tool
  • 3 x 5P Sensor Cable
  • 1 x Battery Cable
  • 1 x Mini USB Cable
  • 2 x STEM Curriculm Guides
  • 1 x RoboPlus CD
This standard kit will let you build 7 different robots:

NOTE: The BIOLOID STEM expansion kit will be available in 2013.

FTDI Driver Notice: The CM-530 in this kit may not work with the latest FTDI drivers. ROBOTIS has posted a fix in this support document.
For more information on the nature of this fix and the drivers, please see our blog post on the matter


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