Bioloid Bluetooth BT 110 & BT 210 Wireless Module Set bt-110a, bioloid bluetooth, R+task, R+ motion, bioloid bluetooth controller
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    The Bioloid Bluetooth BT 110 & BT 210 Wireless Module Set will upgrade your Bioloid Premium to use Bluetooth communications. But not only do you get the security, range, and stability of a Bluetooth connection, you also get the ability to control and program your Bioloid from your Android Phone!. That's right, using the free android apps R+m.Task and R+m.Design, you can load tesk files or control your CM-530 based robot. BT-100 Compatibility: Zig2Serial RC-100A BT-110 Compatibility: CM-530...

    BLE Mini 1
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      Have you ever wanted to hook up your robot to your iOS device? Now you can utilize Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) technology in your robot with the BLE Mini. The BLE Mini requires only a serial port for communication so it supports all major development platforms that have UART interface including Arduino, ArbotiX-M Robocontroller, Geekduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. In addition, you are given access to all Ti's CC2540 I/O pins and the ability to upload firmware via USB, making the BLE Mini an ideal...

      ROBOTIS BT-410 ROBOTIS, BT-410, bluetooth, bt, 410, wireless
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        ROBOTIS BT-410 is a bluetooth wireless communication solution for IoT. With the latest near field communication technology, it has low power consumption and is optimized for mobile applications. Package Contents: Contains 1 BT-410 bluetooth slave module Features: - Enables serial communication (UART) via Bluetooth communication. - Case that protects the circuits and a connector-type cable that is used to connect the device onto the robot. - Can be used with smart phone, tablet PC, or other...

        BlueSMiRF Gold Top View
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          Don't be deceived, this little red board is actually a hugely powerful bluetooth modem! The BlueSMiRF Bluetooth Modem gives you a quick and easy way to add Bluetooth functionality to your project - you'll be connecting to all kinds of bluetooth devices in no time. The BlueSMiRF is the latest bluetooth wireless serial cable replacement from SparkFun Electronics! These modems work as a serial (RX/TX) pipe. Any serial stream from 2400 to 115200bps can be passed seamlessly from your computer to...

          Grove - BLE
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            This Grove - BLE utilizes an HM-11 module to provide your Arduino/Seeeduino with serial BLE function, and it can be used with Arduino/Seeeduino very conveniently if using with Base Shield together. With support for a BLE ComAssistant APK, this Grove - BLE can talk to your mobile phone more easily without pairing, and of course, it can be set via AT commands directly. You can use it in many conditions, like robot controls or remote control equipment ,etc. We prepared an easy and convenient...

            Serial Bluetooth Upgrade Kit (Android Compatible) Serial, Bluetooth, BT, interbotix, robotgeek, Upgrade, Kit, Android, module, communication, radio, phone, tablet, controller
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              Want to control your Commander compatible robot using your Android powered cellphone or tablet? The Bluetooth Upgrade Kit is the solution for you. By attaching this upgrade kit to serial, you can control your robot in style using the BT Commander App! Designed with InterbotiX and RobotGeek robots in mind, this is a fantastic solution for controlling your Hexapod MK-III, or taking command of your Geekbot! Kit Includes: 1x - HC-05 Serial Bluetooth Module 1x - Centimeter Grid Mounting Plate 1x -...