Arduino Starter Kits
Arduino Starter Kits

RobotGeek Arduino Experimenter%27s Kit Core Arduino Experimenter%27s Kit, Basic Arduino kit, arduino mount kit, Experimenter%27s Kit, core, parts, geekduino
Price: $19.95 In Stock

    The RobotGeek Basic Experimenter's Kit Core Is the most basic package in the RobotGeek system. This kit gives you the Sensor Shield, the Large Workbench, power supply, USB cable, RobotGeek Sensor Cables, and all the mounting hardware necessary for a solid framework to build a project of your design with. You can add a Geekduino or use the core kit with your own Arduino microprocessor. This kit comes with no modules, sensors, servos, input, or output devices. It is intended for those who have a...

    RobotGeek Arduino Basic Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Geekduino, arduino, starter, Basic, Experimenter%27s, Kit
    Price: $49.95 In Stock
    Item #: KIT-RGADV -

      The RobotGeek Geekduino Basic Experimenter's Kit is an inexpensive introduction to the RobotGeek System which covers a great deal of the basics of Arduino programming. This kit, in combination with the RobotGeek 101 series of tutorials, provides a clear route to learning about Analog and Digital Inputs and Outputs, Sensors, Lights and Servos. The carefully selected components in this kit will put the power of learning and creativity at hand! At the core of the RobotGeek Arduino kits is the...

      RobotGeek Arduino RFID Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Geekduino, arduino, starter, Experimenter%27s, Kit, rfid, tag, shield
      Price: $79.95 In Stock
      Item #: KIT-RGRFIDEX -

        The RobotGeek RFID Experimenter's Kit is a strong introduction to the use of RFID tags in the Arduino environment. Utilizing the power of the Geekduino in conjunction with the RFIDuino Shield, this kit gives you access to the world of Radio Frequency Identification in a smart, easy way! Learn about triggering events with the swipe of an RFID tag in fun and exciting ways, even integrating household systems with use of the relay and LCD Display! As part of the RobotGeek Experimenter's line, the...

        RobotGeek Arduino Basic+ Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Geekduino, arduino, Basic+, basic, plus, Experimenter%27s, Kit, starter
        Price: $79.95 In Stock
        Item #: KIT-RGCOMP -

          The RobotGeek Geekduino Basic+ Experimenter's Kit is the most comprehensive and robust of all the Geekduino Basic kits. Why Basic+? You can cover the basics of Arduino programming with an in-depth introduction to the RobotGeek system, and more than the Basic kit, you can learn about a wide variety of Analog and Digital Inputs and Outputs, Lights and Servos, Sensors, and even learn about I2C communication and Displays! At the core of the RobotGeek Arduino kits is the workbench to mount your...

          RobotGeek Arduino Touch Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, Geekduino, Touch, Kit, arduino, robot, geek, sensor, grove, Experimenter%27s Kit
          Price: $129.95 Backorder - On Hold
          Item #: KIT-RGTOUCH -

            The RobotGeek Geekduino Touch Kit will get you in touch with using sensory inputs in an Arduino environment! With seven force sensitive inputs, you can experiment with a variety of physical control schemes, reactive in an organic way, responding to physical touch with an analog range, rather than the simple on/off digital state. This kit comes with LEDs and Buzzers to help you immediately recognize the state of each of the inputs with clear and immediate feedback. At the core of the RobotGeek...

            RobotGeek Arduino Linear Actuator Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, Geekduino, Linear, Actuator, Kit, arduino, starter, robot, geek, Experimenter%27s, Kit
            Price: $199.95 In Stock
            Item #: KIT-RGLIN -

              The RobotGeek Geekduino Linear Actuator Kit is a great introductory arduino workstation that will teach you about linear actuators. Choose one of four linear actuators to work with, then begin learning the ins and outs of their control and usage. At the core of the RobotGeek Arduino kits is the workbench to mount your projects on. All RobotGeek products are compatible with the bench and each include mounting hardware giving you the opportunity to continue adding to your portable arduino...

              RobotGeek Arduino Display Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, Geekduino, Display, Kit, starter, arduino, robot, geek, grove, lcd, led, Experimenter%27s, Kit
              Price: $119.95 On Hold
              Item #: KIT-RGDISPLAY -

                The RobotGeek Geekduino Display Kit is a starter arduino based kit focused on controlling several different display outputs. Learn to control things that give you visual feedback. From simple LEDs, to a 4 digit display, an LCD screen, and an OLED screen, this comprehensive kit will teach you how get flashy and show off! The kit includes: 1x RobotGeek Large Workbench 1x Geekduino Mount / Hardware 1x RobotGeek Geekduino 1x RobotGeek Sensor Shield V2 1x USB To Micro USB Cable 1x 6v2a Power Supply...

                Basic Experimenters Kit with Arduino Basic Experimenters Kit with Arduino, arduino starter kit
                Price: $49.95 In Stock
                Item #: KIT-ARD-BE -

                  The Basic Experimenters Kit for Arduino contains many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects to get you up and running fast. This handy experimenters kits is great for those that want to learn about physical computing on a basic hardware component level! Tinkerers will get to interact with the Arduino microcontroller on a basic circuitry level, creating connections from I/O pins to raw sensors, resistors, and capacitors. The kit contains the essentials: an Arduino Uno, breadboard,...

                  Grove Starter Kit V3
                  Price: $49.00 In Stock
                  Item #: SS-ELB00100M -

                    Description GROVE is an open modular toolset, designed to minimize the difficulty of fundamental electronic engineering. It is formed by functional modules Grove and interface board STEM. Each Grove has unified 4pin interface and standardized jigsaw shape for easy combination. They can work with major existing development platform (like Arduino and compatible boards, beagle board, Xbee, and etc) via STEMs. Pack list Base Shield Grove - LCD RGB Backlight Grove - Smart Relay Grove - Buzzer Grove...

                    Grove Starter Kit With Arduino Grove Starter Kit With Arduino
                    Price: $89.95 In Stock
                    Item #: KIT-ARD-GR -

                      Description The Grove Starter Kit for Arduino is a modular building-block system for physical computing. Great for teaching, learning, rapid prototyping, and also perfect for projects around the house! Plug in various sensor modules, output devices, and displays using a convenient unified 4 pin plug interface. GROVE is an open modular toolset, designed to minimize the difficulty of fundamental electronic engineering. It is formed by functional modules Grove and interface board. Each Grove...

                      Xbee Wireless Kit with Arduino Xbee Wireless Kit with Arduino
                      Price: $139.95 In Stock
                      Item #: KIT-ARD-XB -

                        Take your next Arduino project on the road! The Xbee Wireless Kit for Arduino is the perfect bundle to get started with wirelessly connected physical computing and data-logging. Need to get sensor input from a remote location to your PC? This kit employs the use of Xbee wireless modules to create a wireless serial link between your PC and Arduino. Load your Arduino up with sensors and a sketch, and have it sending and receveing packets in no time! This kit utilizes the new Wireless SD Shield,...

                        Arduino Starter Kit - Box
                        Price: $119.99 In Stock
                        Item #: MG-K000007 -

                          Arduino is an open source electronic prototyping platform. With a combination of the Arduino IDE (software) and the line of Arduino Microcontrollers (hardware) you can design, build and program electronic systems to accomplish almost any task! Whether you just need to blink some LEDs, control motors, or power your latest invention, the Arduino Platform will help you get to the finish line. If you're looking for a one-stop, highly structured way to get started in the Arduino World, then check...

                          ARDX - The Starter Kit for Arduino ARDX, Starter Kit, Arduino, grove, kit, pack, seeed
                          Price: $69.90 In Stock
                          Item #: SS-KIT04121P -

                            If you've ever wanted to dive into electronics and microcontrollers but were afraid to try, then ARDX - The Starter Kit for Arduino is the perfect kit for you. A fun beginner's kit, it includes a fully illustrated guide that will familiarize you with a wide range of electronic components while you create small, simple, and easy-to-assemble circuits. The instructions are straight forward, include diagrams, troubleshooting tips, and additional instructions for those of you who want to take their...

                            Beginner Kit For Arduino Beginner, Kit, Arduino, dfrobot
                            Price: $52.00 In Stock
                            Item #: DF-DFR0100 -

                              Welcome to the electronic interaction world! The Beginner Kit For Arduino is for those who are interested in learning about Arduino. Starting from basic LED control to more advanced environmental sensing, monitoring, and actuators, this kit will guide you through the world of microcontrollers and physical computing! A DFRduino UNO R3 (Compatible with Arduino Uno), the most stable and commonly used Arduino processor, together with DFRobot's best selling prototype shield are included in this...

                              Grove - Mixer Pack V2 Grove, Mixer, Pack, V2, electronics, starter, ablone
                              Price: $49.00 Back Order
                              Item #: SS-811009001 -

                                The Grove - Mixer Pack V2 is stand-alone, Lego-like electronics kit.The Mixer Pack consists of 13 mini modules, including Power, Logic, Sensors and Actuators. It is a group of Grove compatible modules designed for quickly building functional prototypes. The tiny, colorful modules make electronics accessible and fun for children and newcomers. With this kit you can integrate circuits into your craft without an Arduino or computer. By connecting different input and output modules, you can apply...

                                RobotGeek Floor Mat Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Floor, Mat, Experimenter%27s, Kit, arduino, geekduino, relay
                                Price: $99.95 In Stock
                                Item #: RG-FLOOREX -

                                  Floor Mat Switches are greagt inputs for all kinds of projects. They can be used for basic security, home automation, foot traffic tracking, and more. The new Robotgeek Floor Switch Experimerinter's Kit comes with everything you need to connect a Floor Mat Switch to an Arduino based microcontroller and control lights, sounds, and external devices. This kit is great for adding a little Arduino to your Halloween fun - use the kit to automate lights, sounds and props whenever a trick or treater...

                                  RobotGeek Floor Switch AC Device Control Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Floor, Switch, Tail, Kit, powerswitch, relay, power, AC, device, power
                                  Price: $79.95 In Stock
                                  Item #: RG-FLOORTAIL -

                                    Floor Mat Switches are great inputs for all kinds of projects. The Power Switch tail is a great device that allows you to use a switch to control an AC powered device. Put them together, add the device you'd like to control, and you've got a quick, clever project! You could turn on the lights while you fumble with your keys, or make a quick Halloween jump scare! This is good as a standalone kit (simple instructions here. ), or you can pair it with the RobotGeek Floor Mat Experimenter's Kit to...

                                    RobotGeek Mega Workbench RobotGeek, Mega, large, Workbench, centimeter, grid, project
                                    Price: $24.95 In Stock
                                    Item #: ASM-WRKBM -

                                      Have a really big project? The Robotgeek Mega Workbench is the solution! At a total whopping 44x42 centimeters, you'll have all the room you need for a project of epic proportions! It really can't be stated enough just how huge this thing really is. RobotGeek Workbenches are versatile platforms that allow for building modular projects quickly. All RobotGeek products and kits conform to the standard 1 X 1 CM hole pattern grid allowing builders to customize their projects any way they desire. An...

                                      RobotGeek Snapper Core Arduino Robot Arm RobotGeek, robot, geek, Snapper, Core, Kit, robotic, arm, robotic arm, Arduino Robot Arm
                                      Price: $169.95 In Stock
                                      Item #: RG-SNAPPER-CORE -

                                        The RobotGeek Snapper Core Kit is the base arm hardware and servos necessary to build a snapper arm, for those who already have a microprocessor board such as a Geekduino/Arduino. If you would like a full kit that contains a microprocessor board and input modules, check out the RobotGeek Snapper Arm Kit. This core kit contains all the arm hardware, including a 120mm Slewing Bearing, RobotGeek 180 degree servos, and all the necessary brackets, mounts, body parts, nuts, bolts, and wires you need...

                                        RobotGeek Geekduino Sensor Shield Kit
                                        Price: $29.95 In Stock
                                        Item #: KIT-RG-GEEKSHIELD -

                                          Everything you need to be up and running with a Geekduino and Sensor shield I/O break out board to mount to your projects. GeekduinoSensor Shield10 Robotgeek sensor cablesDuino Mounting PlateThe Robotgeek Sensor Shield breaks out the digital and analog pins into easy to use 3-pin connectors. Each connector supplies 5 volts, ground, and a signal pin. These connectors can easily be connected to RobotGeek Sensors as well as a wide variety of sensors, actuators and output...

                                          Sidekick Basic for Arduino V2
                                          Price: $19.90 In Stock
                                          Item #: SS-110060025 -

                                            The Arduino Sidekick Basic Kit is designed to be used with your Arduino / Seeeduino / Seeeduino ADK / Maple Lilypad or any MCU board. It contains everything needed for a first-time user to connect his/her computer to an Arduino. It includes many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects : like Breadboard, Jumper wires, Color LEDs, Resistors, Buzzer, etc. All of these coming with its own handy box are easy transport and minimal clutter.Parts list1.Breadboard x 1 2.Green LED x 5 3.Red LED...

                                            Getting Started with Arduino Book, 2nd Edition Getting Started with Arduino, Arduino, DIY, Book
                                            Price: $12.99 In Stock
                                            Item #: C-400-GSA-Book -

                                              This valuable little book offers a thorough introduction to the open-source electronics prototyping platform that's taking the design and hobbyist world by storm. Getting Started with Arduino gives you lots of ideas for Arduino projects and helps you get going on them right away. From getting organized to putting the final touches on your prototype, all the information you need is right in the book. Inside, you'll learn about: Interaction design and physical computing The Arduino hardware and...

                                              Robot Geek Large Workbench Robot Geek Large Workbench
                                              Price: $8.95 In Stock
                                              Item #: ASM-WRKBL -

                                                Robot Geek Workbenches are versatile platforms that allow for building modular projects quickly. All Robot Geek products and kits conform to the standard 1 X 1 CM hole pattern grid allowing builders to custom build their projects any way they desire. An infinite number of configurations are possible! The Large Robot Geek Workbench comes with: Large Workbench Plate (21 X 22 CM) 8 X Large Rubber Bumpers

                                                Robot Geek Small Workbench Robot Geek Small Workbench
                                                Price: $7.95 In Stock
                                                Item #: ASM-WRKBS -

                                                  Robot Geek Workbenches are versatile platforms that allow for building modular projects quickly. All Robot Geek products and kits conform to the standard 1 X 1 CM hole pattern grid allowing builders to custom build their projects any way they desire. An infinite number of configurations are possible! The Small Robot Geek Workbench comes with: Small Workbench Plate (16 X 15 CM) 4 X Large Rubber Bumpers