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Robotis DYNAMIXEL Pro Robot Servos

The DYNAMIXEL Pro line of robot actuators is the newest solution for full-scale, high-performance robots from ROBOTIS. Released in 2014, these actuators feature high precision and power in a compact package, which makes them ideal for everything from advanced robotics to industrial applications.

The servos are divided into three performance classes: L, M, and H-series on two basic footprints: 42 mm2 and 54 mm2. Combine with the ROBOTIS frame system for the DYNAMIXEL Pro to rapidly create a variety of different systems and products. Check out the Quick Start Guide for DYNAMIXEL Pro (PDF) and the e-Manual from ROBOTIS to learn more.


  • Resolution up to 501,900 steps/rev
  • Position, torque, and speed control
  • PID controlled position sensing
  • Detachable cycloidal gear reduction box
  • Built-in temperature sensing
  • Full line of frame hinges, adapters, and idlers (see compatibility table)

The high accuracy and precision of these servos is achieved by the cycloidal gear reduction system. Currently, all models have a straight type gear reduction system. Variants with additional communication protocols (CAN, TTL, EtherCAT) and alternate gear reduction systems (right angle, belt) are expected in the future.

Roll over the table below to compare key features of the DYNAMIXEL Pro line of servo motors. There is some overlap between the L, M, and H-series in performance. In general, the H-series models offer the most resolution and torque.

DYNAMIXEL Pro Model Comparison Table
L42-10 L54-50 M54-40 M54-60 M42-10 L54-30 H42-20 H54-100 H54-200
Resolution (steps/rev) 4,096 207,720 251,400 251,400 263,168 288,360 303,800 501,900 501,900
L42-10 M42-10 L54-30 H42-20 M54-40 L54-50 M54-60 H54-100 H54-200
Cont. Torque (Nm) 1.4 1.5 4.3 6.3 6.7 7.4 11.6 24.8 44.2
L54-50 M54-40 M42-10 L54-30 H54-200 L42-10 M54-60 H42-20 H54-100
Cont. Speed (RPM) 23.2 23.8 27.8 27.9 27.9 28.5 28.8 29.8 30.1
H54-100 H54-200 H42-20 M54-40 M54-60 L42-10 M42-10 L54-30 L54-50
Backlash (arcmin) 3.5 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 4.2 4.2 4.6 4.6

All DYNAMIXEL Pro servo are rated at 24 V, use the RS-485 communication protocol, and are designed for an operating temperature from 5-55 C (41-131 F). Additional model specifications, dimensional drawings, 3D models, software downloads, and documentation can be found on the individual product pages.

Home > Robot Parts > DYNAMIXEL & Robot Servos > Robotis DYNAMIXEL Pro Robot Servos

Robotis DYNAMIXEL Pro Robot Servos

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