Voltage and Current Sensors
Voltage and Current Sensors

Phidgets Precision Voltage Sensor Phidgets Precision Voltage Sensor, Phidget Precision Voltage Sensor
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The Voltage Sensor measures the differential voltage between the input terminals and outputs the difference proportionally. The maximum differential voltage that can be measured accurately is ±30V. Resources Product Manual   Product Specifications Characteristic Value Current Consumption 3.6mA Input Impedance 1MegaOhm Recommended Max Difference between Vin+ and Vin- 30V Absolute Maximum difference between Vin+ and Vin- 35V Input CMR 40V Output Range 0 to 5V Min/Max error ±2% Typical Error...

Grove - Electricity Sensor Grove Electricity Sensor, arduino electricity sensor, electrical sensor, electricity detection sensor
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Description The Electricity sensor module is a member of Grove. It is based on the TA12-200 current transformer which can change large alternating current into a small amplitude. You can use it to test large alternating current upto 5A. Features Grove compatible interface Maximum 5A input High accuracy Small size Applications Alternating current measurment Device condition monitoring Document Datasheet ...

Phidgets 30 AMP Current Sensor AC&DC Phidget 30 AMP Current Sensor AC&DC, Phidget 30s AMP Current Sensor, Phidget Current Sensor, Phidgets Current Sensor, Phidgets High Amp Current Sensor, Phidget Amp Sensor
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Measure AC & DC Current from -30 to +30 Amps. Includes 60cm sensor cable.  This sensor outputs 0-5V and is intended to be used with the Phidgets 8/8/8. This product is part of the Phidgets family! Phidgets are an easy to use set of USB-based building blocks for low cost sensing and control from your PC. A wide array of sensors, I/O devices, and controllers are available. To view the entire Phidgets product line, follow this link. Getting Started with Phidgets Phidgets Documentation:...