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    This great little compass was designed by Robot Electronics specifically for use in robots to aid navigation. The compass uses the Philips KMZ51 magnetic field sensor, which is sensitive enough to detect the Earth's magnetic field. Two of them mounted at right angles to each other can be used to compute the direction of the horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field.


    Voltage 5v
    Current 20mA Typ.
    Resolution 0.1 Degree
    Accuracy 3-4 Degrees approx (after calibration)
    Output 1 Timing Pulse 1mS to 37mS in 0.1mS increments
    Output 2 I2C Interface, 0-255 and 0-3599
    SCL Speed up to 1MHz
    Weight 0.03 oz.
    Size 32mm x 35mm

    Specifications subject to change without notice

    Additional application notes, schematics, and tech support can be found at Robot Electronics.