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    The CM-2 + is the controller board used to control DX-series, RX-series that support RS-485 and AX-series which support TTL level.

    - CPU : Atmega-128(128Kbyte Flash memory)
    - Fuse for excess current interception
    - Operating voltage : 7~18 V * Interface
    - Dynamixel (AX-series) connector
    - Dynamixel (DX-series, RX-series) connector
    - ZIG-100 (wireless communication module) connection possibility
    - LED : TX, RX, AUX
    - RS-232C Serial Port (PC connection)
    - 6 Buttons (5 input + reset button) : compatible with CM-5 * Operation method
    - Boot loader (binary or Hex file download and play function)
    - PLAY mode being compatible with Bioloid behavior control program
    - Dynamixel management mode (MANAGE mode) - Motion editing mode (PROGRAM mode)

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