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    The Point Grey FireFly MV 0.3MP Color USB 2.0 camera is an entry-level research grade camera, perfectly suited for robotics with an interface designed to address a wide variety of applications in industrial and non-industrial imaging, such as object and gesture tracking, optical character recognition (oCr), augmented reality, and multi-touch interface technology.

    Digital Interfaces for Power and Control

    The USB 2.0 interface provides power and date over one cable which minimizes the need for additional cables and external power sources. The camera also provides 7-pin general purpose I/O connector. The GPIO connector can be used to synchronize the camera to external devices, such as an external trigger source, power external circuitry, or power the camera via an external device.

    Development Kit

    This kit has all the hardware and software required for rapid design and prototyping, including a license of the FlyCapture software development kit (SDK), data cable, and GPIO wiring harness. The FlyCapture software development kit (SDK) is included with all Point Grey Imaging Products. The SDK is designed to allow image acquisition and camera control, and comes with a variety of C/C++ source code examples.

    Updatable Firmware

    The field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chip controls all camera functionality, including exposure, resolution and frame rate, pixel binning, user memory channels and more. It can also be updated with new functionality in the field.

    The Point Grey Firefly MV 0.3 MP Color USB 2.0 comes with:

    • Mounting solutions and hardware for AX and MX brackets, and gooseneck
    • 1/3 Inch 4mm IR F1.2 Fixed Iris CS Mount Lens
    • USB A Male to Mini (5P) M 6ft Cable

    Camera Specs:

    Part Number: FMVU-03MTC-CS

    • 0.3 MP

    • Micron MT9V022 1/3" Global Shutter CMOS

    • CS-Mount

    • 752x480 at 60 FPS

    • USB 2.0 Mini-B (480 Mbits/s)

    • 24.4 x 41 x 34 mm

    • 7-pin connector for trigger and strobe

    Firefly MV Documentation

    Technical Documents

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    Product Change Notifications

    pdf PCN2009007A - Change to CS-Mount Lens Holder Exterior Appearance
    pdf PCN2009001A - Discontinuation - Firefly MV Board-Level 1394a w/ CS Lens Mount
    pdf PCN2009002A - Discontinuation - Firefly MV Board-Level 1394a w/ M12 Lens Mount
    pdf PCN2009003A - Discontinuation - Firefly MV 1394a Development Accessory Kit
    pdf PCN2009006A - Printed Circuit Board Revision to Add Physical Layer Port Protection
    pdf PCN2010009A - USB2 vertical connector change
    pdf PCN2011003A - Change to ACC-01-0003 Tripod Mounts
    pdf PCN2011011A - IR Filter Vendor Change 

    Technical Application Notes / White Papers

    pdf TAN2009004 - Storing data in flash memory
    pdf TAN2009003 - Getting Started with FlyCapture 2.0 and Linux
    pdf TAN2004003 - PGR FlyCapture SDK Color Processing Algorithm Performance
    pdf TAN2004004 - Synchronizing to an external signal using DCAM 1.31 Trigger Mode_0
    pdf TAN2006007 - Wiring specification for Firefly MV mini 1394 connector
    pdf TAN2007001 - Exceeding bandwidth limitations when using Format 7
    pdf TAN2007003 - Developing DirectShow applications with FlyCapture
    pdf TAN2008001 - Factors to consider with multiple camera arrays
    pdf TAN2008002 - High dynamic range modes in the Firefly MV
    pdf TAN2008009 - Extending the distance between camera and host
    pdf TAN2008011 - Working with embedded image information
    pdf TAN2008013 - White blemish pixel defects
    pdf TAN2009001 - Creating a board-level multiple camera array for OEM applications
    pdf TAN2010002 - Selecting a Lens for your Camera
    pdf TAN2010003 - Image Tearing Causes and Solutions

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