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    The Point Grey Flea3 USB 3.0 is a mid-tier offering USB 3.0 interface research grade camera, perfect for robotics with an interface designed to address a wide variety of applications in industrial and non-industrial imaging, such as object and gesture tracking, optical character recognition (oCr), augmented reality, and multi-touch interface technology.

    The Flea3 line of USB 3.0 cameras offers a variety CMOS image sensors in ultra-compact, low-cast packages. To maximize the USB 3.0 reliability, the Flea3 provides a unique set of features including a 32 megabyte frame buffer; on-camera power, temperature, and status monitorying; and in-field updatable firmware. The camera also provides on-camera processing including color interpolation, look up table, gamma correction, and pixel binning functionality.

    USB 3.0 Interface

    The USB 3.0 interface is cutting edge, high bandwidth pipeline for image data, utilizing the latest in IEEE specification USB technology. With USB 3.0 you can see transfer rates up to 5Gbit/sec, over 5x as fast as Gig-E interfaces. The Flea3 camera is entirely powered via the USB 3.0 interface and features a solid locking mechanism for a sturdy connection.

    Updatable Firmware

    The field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chip controls all camera functionality, including exposure, resolution and frame rate, pixel binning, user memory channels and more. It can also be updated with new fucntionality in the field.

    The Flea3 1.3MP Color USB 3.0 includes:
    • Mounting solutions and hardware for AX and MX brackets and gooseneck
    • USB 3.0 A to Micro-B Locking Cable
    • 1/1.8" 8MM F/1.4 w/Lock Megapixel Focus Lens

    Camera Specs:

    Part Number: FL3-U3-13E4C-C
    • 1.3 MP
    • e2v EV76C560 CMOS, 1/1.8", 5.3 ┬Ám
    • Global Shutter
    • C-Mount
    • 1280 x 1024 at 60 FPS