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EMAX Mini Servo back view
Price: $9.90 In Stock
Item #: SS-ROB12745M -

    Bigger isn't always better - and the EMAX 9g ES08A High Sensitivity Mini Servo will prove it! The small form factor and low weight of this servo makes it perfect for a vast range of smaller scale projects. Set Contains 4 Servo Horns 3 Screws Specifications Operating voltage: 4.2-6V Operating speed: 0.10sec/60degree(4.8v) Stall torque: 1.8kg/cm Temperature range: 0°-55° Dimensions : 32x11.5x24mm Weight:9g Temperature range: 0°-55° ...

    Self Centering Joystick W/5k Pots Self, Centering, Joystick, 5k, Pots, Potentiometer, control
    Price: $9.95 In Stock
    Item #: RAW-JOYSTICK -

      This Self Centering Joystick W/5k Pots would be a sturdy addition to any control pad. Like most joysticks, this one uses 2 potentiometers to measure the current angles of the joystick, but this one also has fine adjustment levers for both potentiometers. Each potentiometer comes pre-wired without headers. 2.20" x 2.20" x 1.17"

      Custom Frame OF-106HXW Set Custom, Frame, OF-106HXW, Hinge, Wide, Bracket, Robotis, EX-106+, EX-106, Dynamixel, Servo, Robot, Actuator
      Retail: $59.99
      Price: $15.00 In Stock
      Item #: KIT-M-300-B-OF-106HXW -

        This is a legacy product compatible with older EX-106+ servos. For newer MX-106 servos see the new Custom X-Wide Bracket Set A double wide hinge bracket for creating 2 axis EX-106+ joints. Strength & Speed Chart of the Dynamixel Family ...

        Aluminum Multi-Purpose Large Servo Bracket Two Pack (BLACK) Aluminum, Multi-Purpose, Large, Servo, Bracket, ASB-201B
        Retail: $15.95
        Price: $5.00 In Stock
        Item #: LM-ASB-201B -

          High quality aluminum multi-purpose mega-scale servo bracket. Works great for making multi-axis joints for use in robot arms and legs. Sold in a 2-pack. Fits HS-755HB, HS-755MG, and HS-5745MG servos. Requires HMSH-02 Aluminum Servo Horn.

          Aluminum Motor Mount for GHM 5 - 8 (pair)
          Retail: $7.95
          Price: $3.00 In Stock
          Item #: LM-MMT-01 -

            High quality black anodized brushed aluminum. Heavy duty .0625" stock. Works with Lynxmotion motors "GHM-05" thru "GHM-08."

            Aluminum Long C Servo Bracket with Ball Bearings Two Pack (Brushed)
            Retail: $12.90
            Price: $5.00 Back Order
            Item #: LM-ASB-10B -

              High quality brushed aluminum "C" bracket with ball bearings works great with our Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket or Heavy Duty Servo Hinge sold separately. Useful for making your own arms and legs with ball bearings. Sold in a 2-pack. Fits standard size servos.

              12V 2600mA NiMH 10 Cell Battery 12V 2600mA NiMH 10 Cell Battery
              Retail: $33.00
              Price: $5.00 Back Order
              Item #: obp-pn-2610f -

                Frame 116S
                Price: $3.00 In Stock
                Item #: RO-903-0005-000 -

                  Frame Bracket for the DX-117 Dynamixel.   Example of DX-117 & OF-116S

                  Frame OF-RX28B RX-28, Bracket, Frame, Frame OF-RX28B, Robotis, Dynamixel
                  Price: $10.00 In Stock
                  Item #: M-300-B-OF-RX28B -

                    Frame OF-RX28B provides a mounting pattern on the rear side of the RX-28 Dynamixel.   Example of RX-28 bracket system. Product Pictures Projects Using the RX-28 & RX-24 Dynamixel Servos & Brackets --> --> ...

                    Frame OF-28FL RX-28, Bracket, Frame
                    Price: $5.00 In Stock
                    Item #: M-300-B-OF-28FL -

                      Frame OF-28FL provides a mounting point for a bearing hub. Projects Using the RX-28 & RX-24 Dynamixel Servos & Brackets --> --> ...

                      Frame OF-64S2 RX-64, Bracket, Frame
                      Price: $5.00 In Stock
                      Item #: RO-903-0010-000 -

                        Side Frame Bracket for the RX-64 Dynamixel.   Example of RX-64 & OF-64S2 Projects Using the RX-64 Dynamixel Servos & Brackets --> Strength & Speed Chart of the Dynamixel Family --> ...

                        Frame OF-106HD EX-106, Bracket, Frame
                        Price: $15.00 In Stock
                        Item #: M-300-B-OF-106HD -

                          Frame OF-106HD is a double wide straight hinge frame for building joints. This frame is JOINT only - it does not include the idler shown above.

                          Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servo servo, servos, continuous rotation servo, continuous servo
                          Price: $13.99 In Stock
                          Item #: PX-900-00008 -

                            The Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo is a Futaba S148 servo. It's recommended for robotics projects and includes an adjustable potentiometer to center the servo. Servos may be controlled directly from a BASIC Stamp I/O pin by using the PULSOUT command. Servo has been modified for continuous rotation. NOTES:This continuous rotation servo only work with the following brackets: E-Z Aluminum Servo Bracket , Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket, & Aluminum Servo Bracket (may need some custom...

                            Custom Frame OF-28H45-Bracket Only
                            Price: $10.00 In Stock
                            Item #: M-300-B-OF-28H45-BO -

                              This is a legacy frame that is compatible with the old style 'N1' horn The frame is compatible with N1 RX-24/RX28. It is not compatible with the new 'N101' horn.

                              Switchable Voltage Divider Phidgets Voltage Divider, Phidget Voltage Divider, switchable
                              Price: $5.00 In Stock
                              Item #: PH-11341 -

                                The 1134 - Switchable Voltage Divider is a voltage divider with switches. The switches can be used to control which resistors are used in the voltage divider. The resistance values (in Ohms) are 249, 820, 2.61K, 8.45K, 27.4K, 91K, 300K and 1M. It is possible to have multiple switches flipped, putting the corresponding resistors in parallel. The 1134 Provides an interface to non-Phidgets variable resistance sensors such as: Force Sensing Resistors (FSR), light sensors, thermistors (heat...