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RobotGeek Wii Adaptor w/ Cable
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Item #: KIT-WIIADP -

    Add a Wii controller to your robotics project quickly and easily using our new RobotGeek Wii Adapter w/ Cable. It can be used with either the Wii NunChuk Joystick or Classic Pro Controller. Whether you've got a robot, turret, rover, or other Arduino project: adding one (or more) of the familiar and well-designed Wii controllers to your build can greatly simplify the control setup process. This item is intended for those who already have a Wii controller or plan to purchase one separately. See...

    Rubber Bumper - Small rubber bumper, small rubber bumper, rubber feet, small rubber feet
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    Item #: ASM-12-PT-RUB-BUMP^RND^005000^001400 -

      Small Rubber Bumpers are great for any project! Whether you need some traction on the bottom of your project or a little more clearance for nuts bolts and wires underneath your project, these bumpers will do the job. These bumpers have an adhesive backing that makes them easy to attach to any surface. Bumpers are 12mm in diameter on the larger face (this face has the adhesive backing) , 10mm in diameter on the smaller/bottom face and 5mm tall. Each pack comes with 12 individual bumpers. ...

      Wii Classic Controller Kit Wii, Classic, Controller, Kit, joystick, robot, geek, robotgeek
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      Item #: CON-WII-KIT -

        The Wii Classic Controller Kit is a great addition to any robotics project requiring direct control. With only 4 pins you get a total of 15 digital buttons and 4 analog inputs (2 joysticks). This is great for controlling robot movement as well as setting parameters, modes and more! Our comprehensive Getting Started Guide will show you how to hook up the board/controller and how to use our Arduino Library for the controller. A video posted by Trossen Robotics (@trossenrobotics) on Dec 2, 2015...

        Gear Motor Wheel - Single GM wheel, gear motor wheel, gearmotor wheel, acrylic wheel, robot wheel, motor wheel
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        Item #: ASM-GMW -

          Do you need a wheel for your latest rover? Try our new Gear Motor Wheels! These wheels are made of a red acrylic, wrapped in a black rubber tire. Each 9cm diameter, 1cm thick wheel has a double-flat, 7mm in diameter hole -perfect for our RG 90 Gear Motors! Just use the included hardware to attach the wheels to the motors and your robot will be rolling in no time.