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RobotGeek Snapper Core Arduino Robot Arm RobotGeek, robot, geek, Snapper, Core, Kit, robotic, arm, robotic arm, Arduino Robot Arm
Price: $169.95 In Stock

    The RobotGeek Snapper Core Kit is the base arm hardware and servos necessary to build a snapper arm, for those who already have a microprocessor board such as a Geekduino/Arduino. If you would like a full kit that contains a microprocessor board and input modules, check out the RobotGeek Snapper Arm Kit. This core kit contains all the arm hardware, including a 120mm Slewing Bearing, RobotGeek 180 degree servos, and all the necessary brackets, mounts, body parts, nuts, bolts, and wires you need...

    Lithium-ion Battery Charger Lithium-ion Battery Charger
    Price: $12.95 In Stock

      Standard Lithium-Ion Battery Charger intended for use with the Lithium Ion Battery 7.4v 2200mAh (2S2P) with PCM.

      RobotGeek 4 Line I2C LCD Control Panel RobotGeek, 4 Line, I2C, LCD, Control, Panel, buttons, 9mm, large, screen, display
      Price: $18.95 In Stock

        Need a control panel for your next project? The RobotGeek 4 Line LCD Control Panel is a great choice! With a 4 line LCD Display, you'll have enough room to display menu lists, lots of sensor readouts, pictures, and more! On each side of the display are 4 buttons. The left buttons are marked for moving up and down, and the right two buttons make great select and back buttons. Like the rest of the RobotGeek line, this control panel is compatible with the 1cm x 1cm grid found on RobotGeek...

        RobotGeek Double Wide Workbench RobotGeek, robot, geek, Double, 2x, Wide, Workbench, large, centimeter, grid, mounting, plate
        Price: $14.95 Out of Stock

          Is your large workbench feeling cramped with all the RobotGeek Sensors you've added to it? Never fear, the RobotGeek Double Wide Workbench covers it! Just as tall and twice as wide as a RobotGeek Large Workbench at 44x21 Centimeters. Robot Geek Workbenches are versatile platforms that allow for building modular projects quickly. All Robot Geek products and kits conform to the standard 1 X 1 CM hole pattern grid allowing builders to custom build their projects any way they desire. An infinite...

          RobotGeek 4 Line I2C LCD w/ Mount RobotGeek, 4 Line, LCD, Mount, display, backlight, backlit, blue, large, i2c
          Price: $14.95 In Stock

            The RobotGeek 4 Line LCD w/ Mount is a perfect screen for your next project! With twice the space of the original RobotGeek LCD, you can easily display scrolling lists, paragraphs of text, or even make a tile-based game! The display can be easily mounted to projects and Workbenches. The bottom has the standard RobotGeek 1cm X 1cm grid making all RobotGeek products compatible with each other.

            RobotGeek Mega Workbench RobotGeek, Mega, large, Workbench, centimeter, grid, project
            Price: $24.95 In Stock

              Have a really big project? The Robotgeek Mega Workbench is the solution! At a total whopping 44x42 centimeters, you'll have all the room you need for a project of epic proportions! It really can't be stated enough just how huge this thing really is. RobotGeek Workbenches are versatile platforms that allow for building modular projects quickly. All RobotGeek products and kits conform to the standard 1 X 1 CM hole pattern grid allowing builders to customize their projects any way they desire. An...

              RobotGeek Geekbot Arduino Compatible Rover Robot Geekbot Rover Comprehensive Kit, Robot Rover kit, Robotic Rover, basic, Arduino Rover, Arduino wheeled Platform, Arduino based Rover
              Price: $149.95 In Stock

                The GeekBot Arduino Compatible Rover is a highly flexible wheeled rover created from the ground up to be completely modular and easy to customize. Powered by two high speed continuous turn robot servos, GeekBot has a strong payload capability of 1kg/2.2lbs and moves fast at up to 0.4Mps / 1.3fps. Each Geekbot comes with a 2200mah 7.4V rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, allowing your Geekbot to run for hours! Integrated protection circuitry protects the battery from under/over voltage. Each kit...

                Servo Cable
                Price: $12.95 In Stock

                  Our 32 Feet Standard Servo Wire is great for repairing and extending servo and sensor cables. The Futaba Black-Red-White (Ground-Voltage-Signal) color scheme will help you keep your signals straight. This cable has 24awg stranded wire and no connectors on either end.

                  FS90MG Micro Metal Gear Servo Fitec FS90MG Micro Metal Gear Servo, metal gear servo, 9g servo, 9g metal gear servo, 9g micro metal gear servo, 9g metal servo, metal gear servo, micro servo
                  Price: $9.95 In Stock

                    Need a tiny servo for a tiny task? Try the FS90 Micro Plastic Gear Servo! This servo is great for scanning type sensors, tiny robots, and more! Each servo comes with a variety of horns. The metal gears give this servo even more power and durability! These servos use a standard PWM signal to control them. The Arduino does a great job of controlling PWM Servos, making it ideal for a variety of robotic projects. But sometimes powering these servos can be problematic. Powering servos from the...

                    RobotGeek Workbench Joiner Brackets RobotGeek, robot, geek, Workbench, Joiner, Plates, hardware, brackets
                    Price: $4.95 In Stock

                      Have a couple RobotGeek Workbenches and a big project? The RobotGeek Workbench Joiner Brackets will do the trick! These are the same brackets included in the RobotGeek Mega Workbench that make it so mega. You can easily bolt together some workbenches for a larger footprint than would be capable with any single workbench. Kit Contents: 2 X Delrin Workbench Joiner Brackets 10 X M3x6 Bolts

                      RobotGeek GeekBot Top Deck RobotGeek, robot, geek, GeekBot, bot, rover, Top, Deck, workbench
                      Price: $9.95 Out of Stock

                        Spruce up your rover with the RobotGeek GeekBot V2 Top Deck! This 265mm diameter round deck has the standard 1 X 1 CM Robot Geek grid pattern making it easy to mount your sensors, batteries, ~duino boards, and accessories anywhere you need.

                        RobotGeek Arduino RFID Experimenters Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Geekduino, arduino, starter, Experimenters, Kit, rfid, tag, shield
                        Price: $79.95 In Stock

                          The RobotGeek RFID Experimenter's Kit is a strong introduction to the use of RFID tags in the Arduino environment. Utilizing the power of the Geekduino in conjunction with the RFIDuino Shield, this kit gives you access to the world of Radio Frequency Identification in a smart, easy way! Learn about triggering events with the swipe of an RFID tag in fun and exciting ways, even integrating household systems with use of the relay and LCD Display! As part of the RobotGeek Experimenter's line, the...

                          Antsy - 3 Servo Arduino Compatible Hexapod
                          Price: $229.95 In Stock

                            *3D Printed shells not included There is a new robot crawling into town and they call it Antsy! Take one look and you can see inspiration for the design comes from a well-known insect, the ant. This hexapod design incorporates the use of three servos and a linkage system to produce locomotion at a fraction of the cost of other hexapod kits. RobotGeek Antsy Hexapod w/ Armor by RobotGeek on Sketchfab If you do not have access to a 3D printer, you may download the 3D files from our Thingiverse or...

                            RobotGeek LCD w/ Mount RobotGeek LCD w/ Mount
                            Price: $7.95-$12.95 In Stock

                              The RobotGeek LCD is a fast and easy way to add text output to your projects. The enclosure can float freely on your desk or be mounted to projects and Workbenches. The bottom has the standard RobotGeek 1cm X 1cm grid making all RobotGeek products compatible with each other.

                              RG90 Gear Motor RG90 Gear Motor, MOT-VIB08, Gear Motor, gearmotor, 6v gearmotor, 90rpm, 1:120, Arduino Motor, Robot Motor
                              Price: $5.95 In Stock

                                Weighing in at just 35 grams, this RG90 Gear Motor can put put an impressive 1.2 kg/cm of torque! That makes it great for small, wheeled robots! The double-flat output shaft is 7mm in diameter and is perfect for attaching to our Gear Motor Wheel. Our gear motors come with two- 300mm wires pre-soldered onto the motor. Each wire is terminated with a 2.54mm female connector. This makes them ideal for attaching to any 2.54mm pin connector. ...

                                Gear Motor w/ Wheel Set gear motor wheel set, gear motor,RG90 Gear Motor, MOT-VIB08, Gear Motor, gearmotor, 6v gearmotor, 90rpm, 1:120, Arduino Motor, Robot Motor
                                Price: $18.50 In Stock

                                  This kit is a combination of two RG 90 Gear Motors and two matching Gear Motor Wheels.The variety of mounting holes on the gear motors will make them easy to mount to almost any chassis. With a weight of 18g, this set is a great choice for small robots and rovers.

                                  Squid Cable
                                  Price: $4.95 In Stock

                                    Sometimes you need to hook a servo or a sensor directly to your Arduino, or minimize the mess of jumper wires on your breadboard. These Squid Sensor Cables - 10 pack will help you do just that! On one end, you have a standard 3-pin connector (.1"/2.54mm pitch), and on the other end you have 3 single female jumper wires. You can easily position each cable exactly where you need it. and are 200mm in length. Add some 3-Pin Couplers to attach these cables directly to a servo or your arduino. These...

                                    Plastic Project Box and Mouting Hardware arduino project box, arduino box, arduino weather proof box, arduino water proof box, water proof arduino box, weather proof arduino box
                                    Price: $8.95 In Stock

                                      The Project Box for Arduino is a great starter enclosure for your Arduino. This waterproof box can be used for logging purposes, or you can drill/paint/cut apart the box to suit whatever your needs are! A special mounting plate allows you to mount your Arduino and a shield in a variety of orientations with ease.

                                      RobotGeek Whegly - Arduino Compatible Wheg Robot Kit RobotGeek, Whegly, Arduino, Compatible, Wheg, Whegs, rover, wheel, legs, terrain, capable, Robot, Kit, ir, infrared, control, controller, controlled
                                      Price: $229.95 In Stock

                                        The RobotGeek Whegly is an Arduino based, 4x wheg (wheel / leg) robot kit designed to overcome rougher terrain than your average wheeled robot. The open wheel design allows the Whelgy Robot to quickly change from a standard roll to climbing small obstacles wherever necessary. Whegly is powered by the RobotGeek Geekduino, 4x RobotGeek Continuous Rotation Servos and is constructed of a rigid 1/8" thick Delrin body capable of withstanding those obstacles he is so eager to walk right over. Whegly...

                                        RobotGeek Arduino Display Experimenters Kit RobotGeek, Geekduino, Display, Kit, starter, arduino, robot, geek, grove, lcd, led, Experimenters, Kit
                                        Price: $119.95 On Hold

                                          The RobotGeek Geekduino Display Kit is a starter arduino based kit focused on controlling several different display outputs. Learn to control things that give you visual feedback. From simple LEDs, to a 4 digit display, an LCD screen, and an OLED screen, this comprehensive kit will teach you how get flashy and show off! The kit includes: 1x RobotGeek Large Workbench 1x Geekduino Mount / Hardware 1x RobotGeek Geekduino 1x RobotGeek Sensor Shield V2 1x USB To Micro USB Cable 1x 6v2a Power Supply...

                                          RobotGeek Arduino Linear Actuator Experimenters Kit RobotGeek, Geekduino, Linear, Actuator, Kit, arduino, starter, robot, geek, Experimenters, Kit
                                          Price: $199.95 Out of Stock

                                            The RobotGeek Geekduino Linear Actuator Kit is a great introductory arduino workstation that will teach you about linear actuators. Choose one of four linear actuators to work with, then begin learning the ins and outs of their control and usage. At the core of the RobotGeek Arduino kits is the workbench to mount your projects on. All RobotGeek products are compatible with the bench and each include mounting hardware giving you the opportunity to continue adding to your portable arduino...

                                            RobotGeek Pan and Tilt Kit
                                            Price: $49.95 In Stock

                                              The Robot Geek Pan & Tilt Kit is a basic Pan & Tilt with two Robot Geek Robot Servos and brackets needed for a small Pan & Tilt setup. (If you want a complete kit with a Geekduino, control sensors, laser and more check out the Robot Geek Desktop Roboturret.) The Pan & Tilt comes with mounting plates for a standalone configuration and stand offs for mounting directly onto projects. The mounting plates conform to the standard Robot Geek 1 X 1 CM hole pattern used on all Robot...

                                              Treasure Project Box project box, arduino project box, rfid project box, rfiduino project box, treasure chest box, treasure box, treasure project box
                                              Price: $9.95 In Stock

                                                Sometimes a regular project box just isn’t enough. You need some flash, some mystery, some style. We understand, we felt the same way. We had these wooden treasure boxes special made for a few of our own projects and now you can DIY in style too. Why make your project in a plain box when you can make it look like a mysterious magic box bought in a dangerous back alley in some remote corner of the world? Time to step up your DIY game. We recommend using our Panel Mount Dual Power Cable with the...

                                                RobotGeek Servo Side Bracket robotgeek servo side bracket, servo side bracket, side bracket, rg side bracket, side bracket
                                                Price: $4.95 In Stock

                                                  The RobotGeek Servo Side Bracket is the perfect way to mount your RobotGeek Servo to other servos and your Robot. The side bracket can attach to 5 different positions on the servo rail to make it easy to configure your robot the way you want it. The circular hole pattern on the bottom of the bracket will also attach directly to a RobotGeek Servo Horn or other brackets, allowing you to easily build up complex servo systems. RobotGeek Servo Side Bracket by RobotGeek on Sketchfab ...