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RobotGeek Rotation Knob with Neopixel Ring Display RobotGeek, Rotation, Knob, potentiometer, Neopixel, Ring, Display, kit
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    Want to make a dial that clearly displays the setting of a knob, like in fancy car stereos and sequencers? The RobotGeek Rotation Knob with Neopixel Ring Display is here for you! With a bright and clear 12 RGB LED NeoPixel ring nicely mounted with a RobotGeek Rotation Knob in the center, there are a ton of ways to enhance your next project! The mount is matched with the centimeter grid pattern, compatible with All RobotGeek Workbenches. ...

    4x AA Battery to 2.1/5.5mm DC Barrel Jack AA, Battery, 2.1, 5.5, DC, Barrel, Jack, pack, holder, 4x
    Price: $2.95
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    Item #: BAT-AAPACK -

      This 4x AA Battery to 2.1/5.5mm DC Barrel Jack is perfect for small mobile Arduino Projects. Just add 4 AA batteries and plug the barrel jack into your Arduino Board, and you're ready to rock! Supplies just over 6 volts of power with a fresh set of batteries, which works well with a wide variety of projects. Great for infrared, LED, or any small Arduino project you'd like to take on the go!

      Solenoid Valve arduino Solenoid valve, arduino solenoid water valve, solenoid liquid valve, arduino solenoid valve, arduino water valve, arduino liquid valve
      Price: $19.95
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      Item #: HW-WVALVE -

        If you are looking for an Arduino solenoid valve the RobotGeek liquid solenoid valve is a perfect solution. Compact with mounting holes make it a great fit for DIY projects of all kinds. The Solenoid Valve is a great companion to the Large DC Liquid Pump and the Small DC Liquid Pump. When building pumping projects sometimes it is necessary to add a valve to stop either liquid back draw or unwanted flow. When using diaphram pumps if your liquid supply is higher than your pouring point, pressure...

        RobotGeek Long Servo C Bracket RobotGeek, robot, geek, Long, Servo, C, Bracket, c-bracket, hinge, frame, hobby, arduino, geekduino
        Price: $4.95
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        Item #: RG-TR00035 -

          Need a bit more reach for your RobotGeek servo based project? The RobotGeek Long Servo C Bracket is a great tool for creating long reaching joints with your RobotGeek Servo. This bracket easily attaches to the servo's horns with just a few bolts. A variety of mounting holes on the bracket make it easy to mount the bracket to your robot or sensors in a variety of ways. The circular hole pattern on the bottom of the bracket will also attach directly to a RobotGeek Servo Horn or other brackets,...

          Robot Geek Panning Range Sensor Kit
          Price: $19.95
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          Item #: KIT-RG-RANGEPAN -

            The RobotGeek Panning Range Sensor is everything you need to add a panning Sharp IR Range sensor to your project. Combining a single IR sensor with a small servo is a common way to get add wide range sensing to a robot at a low cost.The kit includes:Sharp IR sensor (choose model from drop down)9g ServoSharp IR mounting bracket9g Servo mounting kitIR Sensor cable Panning Range Sensor Kit Assembly Guide ...

            Large Solenoid Front
            Price: $19.95
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            Item #: ASM-SOL-LG -

              If you are looking for a solenoid for your DIY, educational, or Arduino solenoid project the RobotGeek solenoids are a great choice. This is the Large version of the solenoid line with a plunger travel of 12mm and up to 3468 g/7.65 lbs of force. (View the specifications tab for full information.) If you want to control this solenoid from your Arduino all you need is to add a RobotGeek Relay and power source and you have an Arduino Solenoid project! Check out our Arduino Solenoid Tutorial for...

              Robot Geek Duino Mount
              Price: $5.95
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              Item #: ASM-RG-DUINOMNT -

                The Duino Mounting Plate converts the Arduino three hole pattern to the standard Robot Geek hole pattern. All Robot Geek kits, sensors, and components conform to a 1 x 1 centimeter grid making it easy to custom build your projects any way you desire. The Duino Mounting Plate allows you to easily mount and move your Arduino boards anywhere you want on your Robot Geek projects. *NOTE: The Duino Mounting plate does not come with the Geekduino. ...

                RobotGeek gun mount kit assembled perspective view
                Price: $39.95
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                Item #: RG-DARTGUN -

                  If you want to add a little fun and firepower to your robot turret (or any other project) you'll love this foam dart gun kit. The included single shot dart gun packs quite a punch, with a range of about 30 feet! Assembly is quick and easy; especially when you follow the instructions, which can be found here. While designed to be used with one of our pan tilt robot turrets, you can use the foam dart kit with any Arduino compatible micro-controller. As a standalone project, we recommend our...

                  RobotGeek Joystick arduino joystick, arduino analog joystick, arduino joystick sensor, arduino joystick potentiometer
                  Price: $5.95
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                  Item #: ASM-RG-JOYSTICKV2 -

                    If you are looking for a good Arduino Joystick the RobotGeek Joystick is the best choice. We had these joysticks special made two joystick options; the standard mushroom top used in gaming controllers and a tall stick for much greater range of motion. The joystick has the standard RobotGeek three pin connection and plugs right into the RobotGeek Sensor Shield so you can be up and running immediatly. This arduino joystick is self centering and will return to the home position when let go. The...

                    RobotGeek Floor Switch AC Device Control Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Floor, Switch, Tail, Kit, powerswitch, relay, power, AC, device, power
                    Price: $79.95
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                    Item #: RG-FLOORTAIL -

                      Floor Mat Switches are great inputs for all kinds of projects. The Power Switch tail is a great device that allows you to use a switch to control an AC powered device. Put them together, add the device you'd like to control, and you've got a quick, clever project! You could turn on the lights while you fumble with your keys, or make a quick Halloween jump scare! This is good as a standalone kit (simple instructions here. ), or you can pair it with the RobotGeek Floor Mat Experimenter's Kit to...

                      Raspberry Pi Mounting Plate (w/Hardware) Raspberry, Pi, Mounting, Plate, Hardware, robot, geek, rpi, rpi2, 2, B+, mount
                      Price: $7.95
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                      Item #: ASM-PIMNT -

                        Just a plate to mount your Raspberry Pi to one of the Centimeter Grid plates used in the RobotGeek and Interbotix product line. Also useful for holding most lipo batteries in place. Simple and sweet.

                        120mm Slewing Bearing slewing bearing, robot slewing bearing, robot arm base bearing
                        Price: $19.95
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                        Item #: RW-120BEARING -

                          The 120mm Slewing Bearing is the smaller version of the 140mm slewing bearing found in our Robotic Arms. Each bearing is made of a soft aluminum alloy and sports a single row of spherical bearings. These bearings give the bearing a silky smooth movement, perfect for assisting your robotic arm base, or just about any other moving joint. The slewing bearing goes great with the Standoff Variety Pack and the Nut and Bolt Variety Pack, giving you all the hardware you need to attach the bearing to a...