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1.5 Inch FSR Kit force sensor
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Item #: KIT-S-20-1000-FSRKT15 -

    This kit comes with everything you need to hook your Force Sensing Resistor into your microcontroller or Phidgets Interface Kit. Connect the FSR to the voltage divider board using the 2-Pin female cable, or with the terminal adaptor. Then feed the voltage divider power and ground through the 3-pin cable, and you'll get an analog voltage reading on the third pin of that cable. Check out this video and the videos below for more info. The FSR in this kit is perfect for robotic grippers, robot...

    Clear Silicone Tubing 3.5mm clear silicone tubing, food tubing, food safe tubing, silicone tube, safe clear tube, clear tube, clear tubing, food, safe
    Price: $19.95
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    Item #: RAW-TUBING -

      If you're looking for a food safe silicone tube solution for our DC Liquid Pump or Water Valve, or a better alternative to standard US 1/8" tubing? We've got it! Our silicone tubing comes in 10 meter rolls! We've sourced this tubing to make sure that it easily fits onto our pump and solenoid, but it still strong enough to stay on.Please note, our silicone tubing is not rated by the FDA or USDA.

      Gravity Mounting Kit Gravity, Mounting, Mount, Mounts, Kit, DFRobot, series, acrylic, hardware
      Price: $6.99
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      Item #: ASM-DF-GRAVITY-MNT -

        The Gravity Mounting Kit is your key to firmly affixing Sensors in DFRobot's Gravity Series to your RobotGeek Workbench or Geekbot! Each Kit comes with 3 Adapter Plates and all the hardware you'll need to mount 3 sensors. DFRobot's Gravity Series Sensors work well with the RobotGeek Sensor Shield, Sharing the same 3-pin headers as RobotGeek Sensors. With these plates, Gravity Sensors mount in the same way as RobotGeek Sensors, making for a well integrated system! ...

        Serial Bluetooth Upgrade Kit (Android Compatible) Serial, Bluetooth, BT, interbotix, robotgeek, Upgrade, Kit, Android, module, communication, radio, phone, tablet, controller
        Price: $19.95
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        Item #: ASM-HC-05-BT -

          Want to control your Commander compatible robot using your Android powered cellphone or tablet? The Bluetooth Upgrade Kit is the solution for you. By attaching this upgrade kit to serial, you can control your robot in style using the BT Commander App! Designed with InterbotiX and RobotGeek robots in mind, this is a fantastic solution for controlling your Hexapod MK-III, or taking command of your Geekbot! Kit Includes: 1x - HC-05 Serial Bluetooth Module 1x - Centimeter Grid Mounting Plate 1x -...

          Grove Mounting Kit grove mounting kit sensors mount
          Price: $7.95
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          Item #: ASM-GROVE-MOUNT -

            The Grove Mounting Kit is great solution to bring Grove sensors into the RobotGeek realm. Each sensor mount conforms to the centimeter grid pattern, making it mountable on workbenches, Geekbots, PhantomX Hexapod top decks- anything that follows the centimeter grid!The kit includes 8x small mounts (Grove two-hole sensors) and 4x large mounts Grove three-hole sensors), M3x6mm bolts, M2x6mm bolts, M2mm nuts and M3x10mm F/F stand-offs.*RobotGeek workbench pictured sold separately.   ...

            Robot Geek Sharp IR Sensor Mount
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            Item #: ASM-IRSMOUNT -

              The Robot Geek Sharp IR Sensor Mount allows you to mount a Sharp IR distance sensor on a 9g servo or on standoffs to mount on Robot Geek kits. The mount conforms to the Robot Geek 1 X 1 CM grip pattern allowing you to have extreme flexibility in mounting your IR range sensors.The Mounting Kit comes with: 2 X M3*10 F/F Standoffs 2 X M3*20 F/F Standoffs 2 X M3*30 F/F Standoffs 2 X M3*15 M/F Standoffs Necessary nuts, bolts, and mounting plates ...

              RobotGeek Laser robotgeek laser, robot geek laser, laser, arduino laser,
              Price: $5.95
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              Item #: ASM-RG-LASER -

                The RobotGeek Laser is an easy way to add a red laser to your robot! Just plug the black wire into ground and the white wire into a 5v signal, and the laser will power on. The .1"/2.54mm female headers make it easy to plug into breadboards, jumper wires, standard header pins and more. With this laser you'll get three different mounting solutions! These solutions mean that you can spend less time figuring out how to mount the laser and more time firing lasers! You can even use couplers to...

                GoPro Pan Tilt Mounting Kit GoPro Pan Tilt Kit, GoPro Pan Tilt Mounting Kit, pan tilt for GoPro
                Price: $14.95
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                Item #: ASM-GOPRO-MNT -

                  Compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras. You'll need the clear enclosure that comes with the GoPro to attach it to the mounting kit. The included base plate comes with 4 holes rectangularly spaced at 40 x 50 mm for easy mounting on any centimeter grid plate, and you can add your own holes if needed. Each kit comes with everything you need to attach a GoPro Hero camera to any of our pan tilt stands or robot turrets. Each kit contains: 1 x GoPro Adapter Plate 1 x Laser Cut Acrylic Plate 1 x...

                  RobotGeek IR Receiver RobotGeek, IR, infrared, Receiver, infra, red
                  Price: $6.95
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                  Item #: ASM-RG-IRRECEIVER -

                    Want a simple untethered control solution for your next project? The RobotGeek IR Receiver has you in its line of sight! This infrared receiver will pick up signal from any remote that sends an infrared signal, or can receive from another ~duino sending signals with the RobotGeek IR Transmitter! As with all RobotGeek sensors, the hole mounting pattern is on a 1x1 CM grid so they easily mount to the RobotGeek Workbenches or any other RobotGeek kit. Each sensor includes a mounting plate and all...

                    RobotGeek IR Transmitter RobotGeek, IR, infrared, Transmitter
                    Price: $5.95
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                    Item #: ASM-RG-TRANSMITTER -

                      Want your next project to send a clear signal? The RobotGeek IR Transmitter can send data to various devices in your sights! Use it to control your TV, or send signals to another ~duino outfitted with a RobotGeek IR Receiver! As with all RobotGeek sensors, the hole mounting pattern is on a 1x1 CM grid so they easily mount to the RobotGeek Workbenches or any other RobotGeek kit. Each sensor includes a mounting plate and all hardware needed to mount to any workbench or RobotGeek product that has...

                      RobotGeek 1" Pastic Ball Caster
                      Price: $4.95
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                      Item #: ASM-RG-CASTER -

                        A simple but effective design, the Robot Geek 1-inch Ball Caster is meant to keep your mobile platform moving freely. Laser-cut Acrylic parts with an array of standoffs make assembly and mounting of various sizes easy. The 1-inch Acetal ball’s natural lubricity and resistance to moisture are advantageous to any mobile robotics platform. The total height of this ball caster is 1.1" with no spacers, you can also adjust the height by adding spacers and standoffs. Additional mounting standoffs and...

                        Rubber Bumpers - Large rubber bumpers, large rubber bumpers, rubber feet, large rubber feet
                        Price: $4.95
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                        Item #: ASM-12-RW-KSH0433 -

                          Large Rubber Bumpers are great for any project! Whether you need some traction on the bottom of your project or a little more clearance for nuts bolts and wires underneath your project, these bumpers will do the job. These bumpers have an adhesive backing that makes them easy to attach to any surface. Bumpers are 20mm*20mm on the larger face (this face has the adhesive backing) , 14mm*14mm on the smaller/bottom face and 9mm tall. Each pack comes with 12 individual bumpers. ...