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3 pin Bioloid Servo/Sensor Cables (Set of 25) bioloid cables, bioloid servo cables, bioloid sensor cables
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Item #: RO-903-0073-001 -

    This is the same set of cables that comes with the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit.  Good for all of your Bioloid sensor and servo connecting needs! Cable Length  Quantity 7.25" 4 6.5" 5 5." 6 3.5" 4 2" 6 ...

    Bioloid Serial Cable bioloid, serial, cable, "cm-5", robotis
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    Item #: RO-903-0001-000 -

      This is a replacement serial cable for communicating with the Bioloid CM-5 control module.

      LBS-10 11.1v Bioloid Premium Lipo Battery LBS-10, 11.1v, Bioloid, Premium, Lipo, Battery, Lithium, Polymer
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      Item #: RO-903-0143-000 -

        LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-10 DESCRIPTION - This Li-Po battery is intended for the Bioloid Premium Kit. - PCM embedded to protect from over charge, over discharge, and excess current. INCLUDES - LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-10 : 1 pc - Battery Cover : 1 spc - F60 : 1 pc - CABLE-BAT : 1 pc H/W SPECIFICATION - Voltage : 11.1V - Capacity : 1000 mAh - Discharge : 10C - Dimension : 70 x 35 x 15 - Weight : 83g - PCM embedded to protect from over charge, over discharge, and excess current. WARNING - Do...

        Li-ion Battery 3.7 V 1300 mAh LB-040
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        Item #: RO-903-0220-000 -

          The LB-040 3.7 V 1300 mAh lithium-ion battery is designed for use with the LBB-040 lithium-ion charger kit. It is primarily intended for use with the DARWIN MINI humanoid robot from ROBOTIS, but it can be used with any project using a OpenCM9.04 or CM-150 controller. This battery is rated at 3.7 V and has a 1300 mAh capacity. The battery weighs 50 g and is 24 x 27 x 70 mm. Each package contains: 1 x LB-040 Li-ion Battery The built-in protection circuit module prevents overcharge, total...

          Li-ion Battery Charger Set LBB-040 Photo
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          Item #: RO-903-0221-000 -

            The LBB-040 lithium-ion charger is designed for use with the ROBOTIS LB-040 3.7 V battery. This set has both a USB micro connector for charging your battery and a detachable 2P cable for powering your robot. When fully charged the red LED next to the USB port will turn off. For best results wait until the battery has cooled down before recharging. This charger is compatible with the OpenCM9.04 and CM-150 controller. Each set contains: 1 x Li-ion Battery Charger 1 x USB Micro B Cable 1 x 100 mm...

            9.6V - 2.3Ah Battery for Bioloid bioloid battery
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            Item #: RO-903-0129-000 -

              Need a spare battery for your Bioloid? Well, here it is! Nominal Voltage 9.6 V Capacity 2300 mAh

              OLLO IR Sensor OLLO IR Sensor
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              Item #: RO-902-0039-000 -

                OLLO IR sensor is for object detection or line following. Specifications Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 12mm Weight: 4g Compatible with: CM-100, CM-510 Cable Included

                RC-100B Bioloid Boomerang Controller
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                Item #: RO-902-0029-002 -

                  This is the long awaited Zigbee Bioloid Boomerang Controller! Finally a handheld controller solution is available for your Bioloid robot, enabling easier participation in kung-fu, soccer, and stair climbing events! Perfect for your own bot, or the perfect holiday gift for a Bioloid owner close to you! This controller does not come with a pair of Zig-100 communication units, which are required for use.Description: RC-100 is a Bioloid wireless remote controller introduced by ROBOTIS. The case is...

                  DMS-80 IR Distance Measurement Sensor DMS-80, Distance, Measurement, Sensor,
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                  Item #: RO-902-0043-000 -

                    Description Can be used to detect walls or objects within a certain range. Is not affected by color as much as normal IR sensors and can measure distance to objects Includes DMS Sensor 3P-DMS-5P-Cable Hardware Specifications Weight : 4.4g Detect Range Distance : 10 ~ 80 cm Recommended Voltage : 4.5 ~ 5.5 V Compatible Products CM-510 Robotis Controller CM-700 Robotis Controller E-Manual Documentation ...

                    GS-12 2-Axis Gyro Sensor GS-12, 2-Axis, Gyro, Sensor
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                    Item #: RO-902-0042-000 -

                      Description Can be used to measure angular velocity Can be used to calculate how much the roboti is tilted/inclined and which direction the robot is falling. Can be used to balance to robot or program applied specific motions such as get-up routines. Includes 2 Axis GS-12 Gyro Sensor 3P-DMS-5P-Cable x 2 Hardware Specifications Weight : 2.8g Dimension : 23mm * 23mm* 10mm Angular Velocity Measurement Range : -300¢ª/s ~ 300¢ª/s Recommended Voltage : 4.5 ~ 5.5 V Compatible Products CM-510 Robotis...

                      OLLO/BIOLOID IR Receiver ollo IR receiver, BIOLOID IR receiver, BIOLOID IR, BIOLOID control
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                      Item #: RO-902-0037-000 -

                        This OLLO/BIOLOID IR Receiver is the same one used in BIOLOID Premium Kits, the BIOLOID STEM Expansion Kit and the OLLO Bug Kit. This receiver is compatible with the RC-100 BIOLOID Boomerang Controller. It can be easily attached to BIOLOID and OLLO kits using OLLO rivets.

                        BIOLOID Wheel Set (2 Pack) bioloid tire, Bioloid Tire FP04-F18 Pair, Bioloid Wheel FP-04-17 Pair, DYNAMIXEL Wheel
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                        Item #: KIT-RO-WHEEL-SET -

                          The BIOLOID Wheel Set is a pack of wheels that are compatible with the AX series DYNAMIXEL servos. Each set comes with 2 FP04-F17 inner wheels and 2 FP04-F18 silicon tires. These wheels can be combined with the AX-12W DYNAMIXEL servos to make your own robotic rover. Compatibility List: AX-12W AX-12A AX-18A OLLO Servo Motor OLLO Geared Motor ...