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Basic Experimenters Kit with Arduino Basic Experimenters Kit with Arduino, arduino starter kit
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    The Basic Experimenters Kit for Arduino contains many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects to get you up and running fast. This handy experimenters kits is great for those that want to learn about physical computing on a basic hardware component level! Tinkerers will get to interact with the Arduino microcontroller on a basic circuitry level, creating connections from I/O pins to raw sensors, resistors, and capacitors. The kit contains the essentials: an Arduino Uno, breadboard,...

    Xbee Wireless Kit with Arduino Xbee Wireless Kit with Arduino
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      Take your next Arduino project on the road! The Xbee Wireless Kit for Arduino is the perfect bundle to get started with wirelessly connected physical computing and data-logging. Need to get sensor input from a remote location to your PC? This kit employs the use of Xbee wireless modules to create a wireless serial link between your PC and Arduino. Load your Arduino up with sensors and a sketch, and have it sending and receveing packets in no time! This kit utilizes the new Wireless SD Shield,...

      Grove Starter Kit With Arduino Grove Starter Kit With Arduino
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        Description The Grove Starter Kit for Arduino is a modular building-block system for physical computing. Great for teaching, learning, rapid prototyping, and also perfect for projects around the house! Plug in various sensor modules, output devices, and displays using a convenient unified 4 pin plug interface. GROVE is an open modular toolset, designed to minimize the difficulty of fundamental electronic engineering. It is formed by functional modules Grove and interface board. Each Grove...

        Serial Bluetooth Upgrade Kit (Android Compatible) Serial, Bluetooth, BT, interbotix, robotgeek, Upgrade, Kit, Android, module, communication, radio, phone, tablet, controller
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          Want to control your Commander compatible robot using your Android powered cellphone or tablet? The Bluetooth Upgrade Kit is the solution for you. By attaching this upgrade kit to serial, you can control your robot in style using the BT Commander App! Designed with InterbotiX and RobotGeek robots in mind, this is a fantastic solution for controlling your Hexapod MK-III, or taking command of your Geekbot! Kit Includes: 1x - HC-05 Serial Bluetooth Module 1x - Centimeter Grid Mounting Plate 1x -...

          Imax B6 Multi-Function LiPo Balance Charger Imax, B6, Multi-Function, Balance, Charger, LiPo, Lithium, Polymer
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            The IMAX B6 is an advanced multi-function charger, able to charge, balance and discharge Lion, LiPo, LiFe (A123), NiCd and NiMH batteries. It can also be used to charge Lead Acid (Pb) batteries. It has a wide variety of voltage settings for charging various cell count batteries, as well as a 0.1 amp adjustable charge rate of up to 5 amps. To use this charger with our line of Thunder Power LiPos, you will need an E-Flite Balance Charger Adapter Cable Pack. This charger requires an 11-18v input...

            $10 Trossen Robotics Gift Certificate robot gift, robot gift certificate, robotics gift, robotics gift certificate
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            $50 Trossen Robotics Gift Certificate robot gift, robot gift certificate, robotics gift, robotics gift certificate
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            $25 Trossen Robotics Gift Certificate robot gift, robot gift certificate, robotics gift, robotics gift certificate
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            $100 Trossen Robotics Gift Certificate robot gift, robot gift certificate, robotics gift, robotics gift certificate
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            EM4102 Tag Kit
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              Kit Includes (1) Credit Card Thin Card (ISO) (1) Thick Card (Clamshell) (1) Inventory Label - Square Version (38 x 38 mm) (1) 18mm Button with Sticker Backing (1) 35mm White Disk with Hole (1) 30mm Global Tag (black) (1) 25mm White Disk (1) 25mm White Disk (sticker backing) (1) 30mm Clear Thin Lamination Disk (1) 30mm Clear Thin Lamination Disk (sticker backing) (1) 25mm Clear Thin Lamination Disc (1) Blue Key Fob (1) Wristband Watch Style *Tags might change depending on availability, but will...

              GP2D12 Alternative IR Distance Sensor Kit (10-80 cm) - 1 sensor GP2D12 Alternative IR Distance Sensor Kit (4-30 Inch) - 1 sensor
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                One of the most favored IR range sensors on the market. Detects distances from 4" to 30" (10cm-80cm). Note: The sensor sold here is actually a Sharp IR GP2Y0A21YK0F. It has the same distance range as a GP2D12 and very similar analog output properties. The GP2D12 is extremely difficult to source currently, so these sensors provide a great alternative. For more information on the minor differences, please refer to the datasheets for each sensor: Datasheets GP2D12 Datasheet GP2Y0A21YK0F...

                GP2Y0A02YK IR Sensor Kit   (20-150 cm) - 1 sensor
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                  This Phidget IR Distance Sensor Kit includes everything you need to add a Sharp GP2Y0A02YK distance sensor to the 8/8/8 Interface Kit.Kit includes: GP2Y0A02YK IR Sensor (20-150 cm / 8-60 inches) Phidget IR Distance Sensor Interface Board 12" Sharp GP2D12 Cable This product is part of the Phidgets family! Phidgets are an easy to use set of USB-based building blocks for low cost sensing and control from your PC. A wide array of sensors, I/O devices, and controllers are available. To view the...

                  12V 2600mA NiMH 10 Cell Battery 12V 2600mA NiMH 10 Cell Battery
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                    Roborealm Full License Roborealm, Machine Vision, Camera, Vision
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                      RoboRealmĀ® is an application for use in computer vision, image analysis, and robotic vision systems. Using an easy point and click interface RoboRealm simplifies vision programming! Using an inexpensive USB webcam and the PC you already have you can now add machine vision to your robotic projects! Image and/or video processing can be technically difficult. Home robots are continuously moving towards PC based systems (laptop, netbook, embedded, etc.) that have the power to support complex...