10 Foot Extension Wire spal, linear actuator, actuator controller, wiring harness
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Item #: M-200-50-5-1577-H -

    10 FOOT EXTENSION HARNESS Creative Werks part number LA-EXTHARN. Ten foot wiring harness allows a Creative Werks 12 VDC 110 lb. linear actuator to be mounted up to ten feet away from the actuator controller. SPECIFICATIONS 10 feet long Shpg. 1/4 lb.

    Clear Silicone Tubing 3.5mm clear silicone tubing, food tubing, food safe tubing, silicone tube, safe clear tube, clear tube, clear tubing, food, safe
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    Item #: RAW-TUBING -

      If you're looking for a food safe silicone tube solution for our DC Liquid Pump or Water Valve, or a better alternative to standard US 1/8" tubing? We've got it! Our silicone tubing comes in 10 meter rolls! We've sourced this tubing to make sure that it easily fits onto our pump and solenoid, but it still strong enough to stay on.Please note, our silicone tubing is not rated by the FDA or USDA.

      Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servo servo, servos, continuous rotation servo, continuous servo
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      Item #: PX-900-00008 -

        The Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo is a Futaba S148 servo. It's recommended for robotics projects and includes an adjustable potentiometer to center the servo. Servos may be controlled directly from a BASIC Stamp I/O pin by using the PULSOUT command. Servo has been modified for continuous rotation. NOTES:This continuous rotation servo only work with the following brackets: E-Z Aluminum Servo Bracket , Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket, & Aluminum Servo Bracket (may need some custom...

        37D mm Metal Gearmotor Bracket Pair 37D mm Metal Gearmotor Bracket Pair, Gearmotor Bracket, Pololu, 37D mm Metal Gearmotor, Robot Bracket, Robot Motor Bracket
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        Item #: PO-1084 -

          These light-weight brackets (under 15 g each) are specifically designed for the Pololu 37D mm metal gearmotors, such as the 19:1 metal gearmotor 37Dx52L mm and the 19:1 metal gearmotor 37Dx52L mm with 64 CPR encoder. Each bracket features seven mounting holes for M3 or #4-size screws along each edge, giving you a variety of mounting options. A total of twelve M3 screws (six for each bracket) are included for securing the motor to the bracket. NOTE: This set contains 2 brackets and DOES NOT...

          Robot DC Gearhead Motor - 6v 180rpm w/ Encoder Robot Motor, DC Gearhead Motor, Motor Encoder, Gearhead Motor Encoder, Gearhead Motor, Robot Gearhead Motor, Robot Gearhead Motor Encoder
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          Item #: KIT-MTR-36-06-180 -

            We searched high and low to find an affordable yet high quality DC motor for robotics, and a solid start to our Robot Motors section. After a lot of trial and error, testing dozens of motors, we have found what we believe to be a solid choice for small-medium sized robots weighing 2-5 lbs. The RPM make them an ideal choice for 3-4" wheels, and with an integrated encoder you can calculate odometry data to make your robots navigate the real world. This motor includes a 6-pin 2.0mm pitch PH JST...