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RoboTurret Vision Tracking Starter Kit

Price: $159.95
Availibility: Discontinued
Item #: KIT-RoboTurret-VTSK

Kit Type:

This item has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered - read about product status here

This item has been discontinued and replaced with the RobotGeek Desktop RoboTurret

The RoboTurret Vision Tracking Kit is an industry first! Never before has it been so easy and so inexpensive to jump into the world of machine vision! Trossen Robotics has teamed up with RoboRealm® to bring this fantastic kit to experimenters everywhere. Included with this kit is the Desktop RoboTurret, a Microsoft Lifecam VX-800 with mounting solution, and a full license to the easy to use yet powerful RoboRealm® Machine Vision software! The Desktop RoboTurret is fully supported within Roborealm with the Arduino Roborealm module, providing a GUI for easy control of the pan/tilt and the various I/O features of the board. There is also a demo Roborealm program available that can be used to track different colored objects using this kit; a great starting point for your next machine vision project!

The Desktop RoboTurret v2 is the perfect starting point for experimenters, roboticists, and hobbyists alike to get going in the exciting field of physical computing! With this kit you get two servos in a pan/tilt configuration, associated brackets & hardware, an Arduino-Compatible microcontroller, a modular Grove Shield for interfacing sensors, and a micro-laser that mounts directly to the turret. This kit is great for anyone looking for a simple robotics platform to experiment and tinker with.

Want more physical control options? Select the Wii Nunchuk Add-on kit for a great handheld controller with a joystick, accelerometer, and 2 buttons- complete with an Arduino Library and sample code! Please note that the Wii Nunchuk is not supported within the Roborealm environment, it is limited to direct Arduino coding options only.

This easy to build kit is based around the widely used Arduino ecosystem and includes everything needed to build a fully programmable, Arduino-compatible Pan & Tilt platform. Add webcams, lasers, airsoft guns, a variety of sensors to the available I/O, or a Wii Nunchuk joystick The Arduino-compatible microcontroller can be custom programmed using the Arduino IDE for autonomous behavior using sensory input, or a variety of other custom applications- your imagination is the limit!

Kit Includes:

What is Roborealm?

RoboRealm® is an application for use in computer vision, image analysis, and robotic vision systems. Using an easy point and click interface RoboRealm simplifies vision programming! Using an inexpensive USB webcam and the PC you already have you can now add machine vision to your robotic projects!

Image and/or video processing can be technically difficult. Home robots are continuously moving towards PC based systems (laptop, netbook, embedded, etc.) that have the power to support complex image processing functions. RoboRealm provides the software needed to get such a system up and running. We've compiled many image processing functions into an easy to use windows based application that you can use with a webcam, TV Tuner, IP Camera, etc. Use RoboRealm to see your robot's environment, process the acquired image, analyze what needs to be done and send the needed signals to your robot's motors, servos, etc.

For example, you can use RoboRealm to track colored objects, navigate with obstacle avoidance, identify fiducials that let you robot know where it is, and much more!

  • Inexpensive Vision Application
  • Links Vision to Motion
  • Interactive GUI Interface
  • Socket based Server API
  • Multiple Interfaces (Disk, Web, FTP, Email, etc)
  • Plugin Framework for Custom Modules
  • Active Online Community

You are welcome to download a FREE 30 day trial of RoboRealm v2.26.12 and test out your vision ideas to see what may be possible or not ... have fun!

A full license is included with the RoboTurret Vision Tracking Kit! Click Here for more information on the Roborealm Interface for this kit.

Product Features
  • Arduino-Compatible Microcontroller
  • Grove Sensor Shield
  • 180 degrees of motion on each axis
  • Smoke-Monster Grey Plexiglas
  • USB Interface to Computer
  • 5 Analog & 13 Digital I/Os
  • Mini Laser w/ mount
  • I2C Interface
  • Open sourced code examples
  • Roborealm code examples for object tracking
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