Note: This product uses the MX-106T and MX-64T, not the EX-106+ and RX-64 as shown. For special requests regarding the MX-106R and MX-64R, please contact us.
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Price: $6,359.90


This 6 degree of freedom humanoid robot leg is an advanced robotic limb kit using the MX-106T DYNAMIXEL & MX-64T DYNAMIXEL from Robotis. This Humanoid Robot Leg provides a huge head start in building a high-end research level bipedal platform, utilizing top of the line robotic actuators from Robotis and a high quality machined aluminum skeletal frame.

This leg kit does not come assembled. Epoxy will be required to assemble the feet and is not included. The kit does not come with a control or power solution.

*Pitch & Roll Degree of Freedom on same lateral axis in Hip & Ankle
*1400+ oz-in Torque Robotic Actuators
*Ball Bearing Axis
*Standardized Mounting Pattern
*High Quality 5052/6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Frame
*Full Feedback Capabilities; Position, Load, Temperature, Voltage

Included in the kit:

* [10x] DYNAMIXEL MX-106T Robot Actuator
* [2x] DYNAMIXEL MX-64T Robot Actuator
* [4x] MX-64/106 Custom X-Wide Bracket Set
* [4x] MX-64/106 Custom X-Long Bracket Set
* [2x] MX-64/106 Custom 45 Degree Bracket Set
* [4x] FR05-F101K Flange Bearing Frame Set
* [4x] FR08-X101K Cross Frame Set
* [2x] FR05-S101K Side Frame Set
* [2x] Plastic Feet
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