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Grove - Thumb Joystick

Price: $6.99
Availibility: In Stock
Item #: SS-COM90133P


How many PlayStation 2 Controllers have to die for your next project? Now with the Grove - Thumb Joystick the answer is NONE!

Like most joysticks, this one uses 2 potentiometers to measure the current angles of the joystick. However this joystick has a pushbutton hidden within! Just push directly down on the top of the joystick, and you'll feel the satisfying 'click' of a pushbutton. Use your extra input to fire the lasers, initiate uprising, or start any other robot related task.

NOTE: The pushbutton is NOT a separate signal from this unit. Instead, the two potentiometers work within a lowered resistance range, and jump to their lowest possible resistance when the button is pushed.


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