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LIPO Battery Charger LBC-10


- This charger is intended for the Li-Po battery in the Bioloid Premium Kit.

- Uses the SMPS for power when charging, thus it must be accompanied with the SMPS 12V 5A.

- Support 2S and 3S Cell charge. (Exception, does not charge simultaneously)


- LIPO Battery Charger LBC-10 : 1 pc


- Input Voltage : 10-18V
- Output Voltage : 
  1. 2S Cell : 8.4V
  2. 3S Cell : 12.6V 
  - Output Current : 1.1A 
  - STATUS : 
  1. RED LED ON : Charging
  2. GREEN LED ON : Charge Complete
  3. RED LED Blinking : Bad Battery Connection


- Do not apply heat, water or any other liquid on the battery.
- Do not take the battery apart.
- Do not use damaged batteries. (inflated, deformed, damaged, etc)
- Do not charge 2S and 3S Cell together at once.
- When charging, make sure the battery is connected into the correct polarity.
- Do not charge when the battery is hot. Please charge after it has cooled off.
- When the battery is not being used, please take apart.

- Do not charge the battery when it is being used by the controller.