Before you use or charge this battery you must read the Lithium Battery Saftety Instructions and Warnings document.
  1. Do not charge or use batteries if the battery ...
    1. is punctured or damaged
    2. is bloated, expanded, swelling or otherwise deformed
    3. has any cell with a voltage of 3.3v. This means less than 9.9v for a 3-cell/11.1v battery.
  2. Do not charge batteries unattended. Monitor batteries during charging for popping, hissing, smoke, sparks or fire. Also monitor the battery for any swelling or other deformities. Disconnect the battery from your charger immediately.
  3. Do not charge batteries near flammable material. Charge batteries in a fireproof container. Do not charge batteries while they are in your robot.
Price: $29.90




     Price Each 


    LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-10


    - This Li-Po battery is intended for the Bioloid Premium Kit.

    - PCM embedded to protect from over charge, over discharge, and excess current.


    - LIPO 11.1V Battery Set LBS-10 : 1 pc
    Battery Cover : 1 spc
    - F60 : 1
    - CABLE-BAT : 1 pc


    Voltage : 11.1V
    Capacity : 1000 mAh
    Discharge : 10C 
    Dimension : 70 x 35 x 15
    Weight : 83g
    - PCM embedded to protect from over charge, over discharge, and 
    excess current.



    - Do not drop or fold parts of the battery or its parts.
    - Do not fold the end of the sutured portion.
    - Do not apply heat, water or any other liquid on the battery.
    - Do not place in the microwave, washing machine or dryer.
    - Do not use damaged batteries.
     (inflated, deformed, damaged, etc)
    - Do not short circuit the polarity.
    - Do not take the battery apart.
    - When charging, make sure the battery is connected into the correct polarity.
    - Do not charge when the battery is hot. Please charge after it has cooled off.
    - When the battery is not being used, please take apart.
    - Battery will not charge when connected to the robot.


    Controller : CM-510, CM-700
    Power : LIPO Battery Charger LBC-10

    * Can NOT be used with the CM-100, CM-5, and CM-2+.