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Product Features

  • Contains 2 relays for switching up to 9 Amps at up to 40 Volts DC, or 28 Volts AC
  • Can be used to control larger loads and devices like AC or DC motors, electromagnets, solenoids, and incandescent light bulbs.

Product Description

Solid State Relays, or SSRs, are devices designed to operate like standard relays but without mechanical motion.

The SSR Board is safe to use with sensitive control devices like microprocessors, and will not damage a Phidget device or your PC. Optoisolation between the control inputs and outputs of the SSR in the form of a GaAs LED paired with a set of optically-controlled MOSFETs provides protection from output to input. An on-board 47V bidirectional transorb across the relay output protects the board from static electricity and surges from inductive loads.

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If you only need one relay to switch up to 2.5amps you should consider the 3052 - SSR Relay Board.



Product Specifications

Characteristic Value
Output Contact on Resistance 0.05 ohms
Isolation Voltage (Input to Output), time=60ms minimum 5300Vrms
Working Voltage for Isolation 2500Vrms
Maximum DC Switching Voltage 40VDC
Maximum AC Switching Voltage 28VAC
Maximum Switching Current (AC or DC) 9A per channel
Maximum Continuous Current @ 25°C (AC or DC) 9A per channel
Min/Max Input Voltage (Control) 3 to 30V
Maximum Switching Speed at Zero load 300 Hz
Turn-On Time at Zero load with 50 Ohm input impedance 900 μs
Turn-On Time switching 9A with 50 Ohm inut impedance 1.4 ms
Turn-Off Time at Zero load 160 μs
Turn-Off Time switching 9A 160 μs
Turn-On Time at Zero load using 8/8/8 on inputs 1.90 ms
Turn-Off Time at Zero load using 8/8/8 on inputs 130 μ
Input Wire Gauge 16-26 AWG
Output Wire Gauge 12-24 AWG
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