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    This sensor uses an integrated silicon pressure sensor with on-chip signal conditioning, temperature compensation and is calibrated.

    This piezoresistive transducer is a state–of–the–art monolithic silicon pressure sensor designed for a wide range of applications. This transducer combines advanced micromachining techniques, thin–film metallization and bipolar processing to provide an accurate, high–level analog output signal that is proportional to the applied pressure.

    The sensor was initially designed for engine control to sense absolute air pressure within the intake manifold. This measurement can be used to compute the amount of fuel required for each cylinder.

    Board Size:
    Board Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.3 cm
    Mounting Holes: 2.3 x 2.5 cm

    Details on the main sensor on this board can be found in the PDF file below.

    Use the following equation to determine the Pressure in KiloPascals (kPa).

    Pressure = SensorValue x 0.25 + 10

    This product is part of the Phidgets family!

    Phidgets are an easy to use set of USB-based building blocks for low cost sensing and control from your PC. A wide array of sensors, I/O devices, and controllers are available.

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    Getting Started with Phidgets

    This product is made to connect to the Phidgets 8/8/8 Interface Kit!
    The 8/8/8 is a USB-based interface board that features 8 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, and 8 digital outputs.  You can use the 8/8/8 to monitor sensors, receive input from switches, control lights, trigger external circuits, and much more; all through one USB port!
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