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Sidekick Basic Kit

Price: $19.95
Availibility: In Stock
Item #: SS-KIT22434P


The Sidekick Basic Kit contains many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects to get you up and running fast. The kit contains the basics such as; breadboard, jumper wires, color LEDs, capacitor, resistors, switches and Buttons.

But don't buy yet!

The kit also comes with components that most other starter kits don't; tilt switch, thermistor, photo resistor (light sensor), buzzer, and mini Servo.

All of this comes in its own handy box for easy transportation and minimal clutter.

List of Contents
  • Breadboard X 1
  • Breadboard jumper wire X 70
  • Red Led X 10
  • Green Led X 10
  • RGB led X 1
  • Ceramic Capacitor (10nF X 10,100nF X 10)
  • Electrolytic Capacitor (100uF X 5)
  • Resistor (330X10,1kX10,10kX10)
  • Tilt switch X 1
  • Thermistor X 1
  • Photo resistor X 1
  • Diode X 1
  • Buzzer X 1
  • Push button X 5
  • switch X 5
  • Mini Servo X 1
  • Potienmeter with knob X 1
  • Resistor Instructor card X 1?
  • Plastic Box X 1

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