Nunchuk Kit Assembly Guide

Tools Needed

  • 1.5mm Hex Wrench

Parts List
Note: Some of the parts in some assemblies come packaged in seperate smaller bags because they come with a bracket or other various part. Please review the entire parts list to ensure you have all necessary components. Some kits will have spare bolts, nuts, or screws included.

1 X

4 X 4 X
Use the four M2 x 8 socket head bolts and 4 M2 steel nuts to attach the NunChuck breakout to the bottom plate.

4 x 4 x
Connect the Grove to Electronic Brick Cable to the NunChuck Breakout as shown in the picture. The buckle should face outside, away from the turret.

NOTE: If your kit came with a special cable instructions, please follow those instructions.
Connect the other end of the Grove to Electronic Brick cable to the "IIC" port on the Grove Base Shield

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