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All of the RobotGeek I/O boards use a standard 3-pin connection. These three pins supply Ground (black cable), VCC (red cable), and Signal (white or yellow wire). These three pins allow us to connect a variety of digital input, digital output, and analog input boards easily to the arduino.

For attaching a single sensor to the Arduino, you can use a Squid Cable and Coupler Pin to hook up any of our sensors. For multiple sensors you can use our RobotGeek I/O boards with any of the shields or control boards listed below.

RFIDuino Robot Geek Sensor Shield ArbotiX Robocontroller Grove Sensor Shield / Grove Motor Shield Electronic Brick Chassis/Shield Mux Shield
Pushbutton X X X X X X
Tilt Sensor X X X X X X
LED Driver X X X X X X
Buzzer X X X X X X
Relay X X X X X X
Voltage Divider X X X X X X
Joystick X X X X X X
Rotation Knob X X X X X X
Slider X X X X X X
RobotGeek Cable and Coupler

Phidgets InterfaceKit 2/2/2 Phidgets InterfaceKit 8/8/8 Phidgets InterfaceKit 0/16/16 Phidgets Single Board Computer
Pushbutton * * * *
Tilt Sensor * * * *
LED Driver * * * *
Buzzer * * * *
Relay * * * *
Voltage Divider X X X X
Joystick X X X X
Rotation Knob X X X X
Slider X X X X

*These RobotGeek Sensors are electronically compatible with the 2/2/2 kit, but the connectors are not plug-and-play.
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