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    The Robot Geek Drive Kit is a pair of strong continuous rotation servos, wheels, and caster to quickly add locomotion to any robot project. The kit comes with the with the necessary mounting plates, brackets, and standoffs needed to easily mount your wheels and caster.

    The wheels are 90mm in diameter with a soft rubber tire that provides excellent grip. The mounting plates conform to the standard Robot Geek 1 X 1 CM grid making them easy to mount on any of the Robot Geek decks or platforms. 

    RG-4C Stats
    Operating Voltage 6v
    No-load Speed 110 RPM
    Stall Torque 4.5 kg·cm
    75.12 oz·in
    Operating Angle Continuous Turn
    Weight 60g
    Size 30 x 45 x 51 mm
    Stall Current 1000 mA
    Standby/No Load Current 150 mA
    Control Protocol PWM
    Cable Length 270mm
    Material Plastic Body and Metal Gears