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RobotGeek Arduino Touch Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, Geekduino, Touch, Kit, arduino, robot, geek, sensor, grove, Experimenter%27s Kit
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    The RobotGeek Geekduino Touch Kit will get you in touch with using sensory inputs in an Arduino environment! With seven force sensitive inputs, you can experiment with a variety of physical control schemes, reactive in an organic way, responding to physical touch with an analog range, rather than the simple on/off digital state. This kit comes with LEDs and Buzzers to help you immediately recognize the state of each of the inputs with clear and immediate feedback. At the core of the RobotGeek...

    RobotGeek Arduino Experimenter%27s Kit Core Arduino Experimenter%27s Kit, Basic Arduino kit, arduino mount kit, Experimenter%27s Kit, core, parts, geekduino
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    Item #: KIT-RGBASIC -

      The RobotGeek Basic Experimenter's Kit Core Is the most basic package in the RobotGeek system. This kit gives you the Sensor Shield, the Large Workbench, power supply, USB cable, RobotGeek Sensor Cables, and all the mounting hardware necessary for a solid framework to build a project of your design with. You can add a Geekduino or use the core kit with your own Arduino microprocessor. This kit comes with no modules, sensors, servos, input, or output devices. It is intended for those who have a...

      RobotGeek Arduino Basic Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Geekduino, arduino, starter, Basic, Experimenter%27s, Kit
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      Item #: KIT-RGADV -

        The RobotGeek Geekduino Basic Experimenter's Kit is an inexpensive introduction to the RobotGeek System which covers a great deal of the basics of Arduino programming. This kit, in combination with the RobotGeek 101 series of tutorials, provides a clear route to learning about Analog and Digital Inputs and Outputs, Sensors, Lights and Servos. The carefully selected components in this kit will put the power of learning and creativity at hand! At the core of the RobotGeek Arduino kits is the...

        RobotGeek Arduino Basic+ Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Geekduino, arduino, Basic+, basic, plus, Experimenter%27s, Kit, starter
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        Item #: KIT-RGCOMP -

          The RobotGeek Geekduino Basic+ Experimenter's Kit is the most comprehensive and robust of all the Geekduino Basic kits. Why Basic+? You can cover the basics of Arduino programming with an in-depth introduction to the RobotGeek system, and more than the Basic kit, you can learn about a wide variety of Analog and Digital Inputs and Outputs, Lights and Servos, Sensors, and even learn about I2C communication and Displays! At the core of the RobotGeek Arduino kits is the workbench to mount your...

          RobotGeek Snapper Core Arduino Robot Arm RobotGeek, robot, geek, Snapper, Core, Kit, robotic, arm, robotic arm, Arduino Robot Arm
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          Item #: RG-SNAPPER-CORE -

            The RobotGeek Snapper Core Kit is the base arm hardware and servos necessary to build a snapper arm, for those who already have a microprocessor board such as a Geekduino/Arduino. If you would like a full kit that contains a microprocessor board and input modules, check out the RobotGeek Snapper Arm Kit. This core kit contains all the arm hardware, including a 120mm Slewing Bearing, RobotGeek 180 degree servos, and all the necessary brackets, mounts, body parts, nuts, bolts, and wires you need...

            RobotGeek Arduino RFID Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Geekduino, arduino, starter, Experimenter%27s, Kit, rfid, tag, shield
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            Item #: KIT-RGRFIDEX -

              The RobotGeek RFID Experimenter's Kit is a strong introduction to the use of RFID tags in the Arduino environment. Utilizing the power of the Geekduino in conjunction with the RFIDuino Shield, this kit gives you access to the world of Radio Frequency Identification in a smart, easy way! Learn about triggering events with the swipe of an RFID tag in fun and exciting ways, even integrating household systems with use of the relay and LCD Display! As part of the RobotGeek Experimenter's line, the...

              RobotGeek Arduino Display Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, Geekduino, Display, Kit, starter, arduino, robot, geek, grove, lcd, led, Experimenter%27s, Kit
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              Item #: KIT-RGDISPLAY -

                The RobotGeek Geekduino Display Kit is a starter arduino based kit focused on controlling several different display outputs. Learn to control things that give you visual feedback. From simple LEDs, to a 4 digit display, an LCD screen, and an OLED screen, this comprehensive kit will teach you how get flashy and show off! The kit includes: 1x RobotGeek Large Workbench 1x Geekduino Mount / Hardware 1x RobotGeek Geekduino 1x RobotGeek Sensor Shield V2 1x USB To Micro USB Cable 1x 6v2a Power Supply...

                RobotGeek Arduino Linear Actuator Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, Geekduino, Linear, Actuator, Kit, arduino, starter, robot, geek, Experimenter%27s, Kit
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                Item #: KIT-RGLIN -

                  The RobotGeek Geekduino Linear Actuator Kit is a great introductory arduino workstation that will teach you about linear actuators. Choose one of four linear actuators to work with, then begin learning the ins and outs of their control and usage. At the core of the RobotGeek Arduino kits is the workbench to mount your projects on. All RobotGeek products are compatible with the bench and each include mounting hardware giving you the opportunity to continue adding to your portable arduino...

                  RobotGeek Floor Mat Experimenter%27s Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Floor, Mat, Experimenter%27s, Kit, arduino, geekduino, relay
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                  Item #: RG-FLOOREX -

                    Floor Mat Switches are greagt inputs for all kinds of projects. They can be used for basic security, home automation, foot traffic tracking, and more. The new Robotgeek Floor Switch Experimerinter's Kit comes with everything you need to connect a Floor Mat Switch to an Arduino based microcontroller and control lights, sounds, and external devices. This kit is great for adding a little Arduino to your Halloween fun - use the kit to automate lights, sounds and props whenever a trick or treater...

                    RobotGeek Floor Switch AC Device Control Kit RobotGeek, robot, geek, Floor, Switch, Tail, Kit, powerswitch, relay, power, AC, device, power
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                    Item #: RG-FLOORTAIL -

                      Floor Mat Switches are great inputs for all kinds of projects. The Power Switch tail is a great device that allows you to use a switch to control an AC powered device. Put them together, add the device you'd like to control, and you've got a quick, clever project! You could turn on the lights while you fumble with your keys, or make a quick Halloween jump scare! This is good as a standalone kit (simple instructions here. ), or you can pair it with the RobotGeek Floor Mat Experimenter's Kit to...