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    Control a network of Robotis Dynamixels from your PC's USB port!  The USB2Dynamixel adapter has three output options:
    USB2Dynamixel USB to Dynamixel

    The USB2DYNAMIXEL can be controlled via the DYNAMIXEL Wizard (Avaialable as part of the ROBOPLUS Software Suite) or using the DYNAMIXELSDK

    Want a smaller device and don't need the RS232 port or to communicate with Dynamixel Servos utilizing the RS-485 interface? Check out Xevelabs USB2AX!

    The USB2DYNAMIXEL will NOT power your DYNAMIXEL servos. You must make sure to power the servos seperaratley. We recomend a AX/MX Power Hub or a RX/EX power hub and a seperate power supply appropriate for your servo.

    FTDI Driver Notice: USB2DYNAMIXELs purchased before July 2015 may not work with the latest FTDI drivers 2.12.00. For a fix, please see our blog post on the matter




    These files are no longer supported. They are provided for legacy purposes. Click here to view.