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    Control a network of Robotis Dynamixels from your PC's USB port!  The USB2Dynamixel adapter has three output options:
    USB2Dynamixel USB to Dynamixel

    The USB2DYNAMIXEL can be controlled via the DYNAMIXEL Wizard (Avaialable as part of the ROBOPLUS Software Suite) or using the DYNAMIXELSDK

    The USB2DYNAMIXEL will NOT power your DYNAMIXEL servos. You must make sure to power the servos seperaratley. We recomend a AX/MX Power Hub or a RX/EX power hub and a seperate power supply appropriate for your servo.

    FTDI Driver Notice: USB2DYNAMIXELs purchased before July 2015 may not work with the latest FTDI drivers 2.12.00. For a fix, please see our blog post on the matter




    These files are no longer supported. They are provided for legacy purposes. Click here to view.

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