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    If you are looking for an Arduino solenoid valve the RobotGeek liquid solenoid valve is a perfect solution. Compact, food safe, and with mounting holes make it a great fit for DIY projects of all kinds.

    The Solenoid Valve is a great companion to the Large DC Liquid Pump and the Small DC Liquid Pump. When building pumping projects sometimes it is necessary to add a valve to stop either liquid back draw or unwanted flow. When using diaphram pumps if your liquid supply is higher than your pouring point, pressure from gravity can force liquid to drain even when the pump is off. Adding a liquid solenoid valve gives you the ability to precisely control liquid flow.

    For Arduino Solenoid Valve projects you will need a RobotGeek Relay to power the solenoid valve coil. The valve can be controlled just like any of our normal Solenoids by applying power through a relay. When no voltage is present the solenoid is closed and liquid will not flow, when a voltage is present the valve will activate/open, and liquid will flow freely.

    PRO TIP! The solenoid valve is intended for use to turn on/off in synchronisation with pumps. Attempting to close the valve with running pumps can cause the valve to stay open. Also, if the valve does shut you will stress your pumps! So you want to set up your code to turn both the valve and pump on and off at the same time.

    Recommended Solenoid Valve Accessories

    • Voltage: 12v
    • Current: .3A
    • Inlet/Outlet Width: 6mm
    • Compatible Tubing: 3/16" Airline Tubing for Aquariums
    • Weight:4 oz
    • Dimensions: 30mm X 37mm X 60mm (Technical Drawing coming soon)
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