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Specialty Robot Motors
Specialty Robot Motors

Vacuum Pump - 12V Vacuum Pump, 12V, specialty motor
Price: $14.95 In Stock
Item #: SF-ROB-10398 -

    This 12V Vacuum Pump is a great solution for a small project that requires a lot of suction power. This is the same pump used in Sparkfun's universal jamming gripper project! To use this pump for an arduino project, all you need is a Robot Geek Relay and a separate 12V power supply. Our 3.5mm silicone tubing fits this pump. ...

    Mini Turbo Fan Mini Turbo Fan
    Price: $13.95 In Stock
    Item #: MP-EPF200 -

      The Mini Turbo Fan is a Mini Badass. Sporting 73g of thrust while weighing in at only 30g it can take off if you give it full throttle. Perfect for fire fighting robots or cooling you on hot summer days. The Mini Turbo Fan comes with a heat sink and 4" cable with male ends. To extend the cable we recommend using our 2-pin F/F jumper cable. *The fan edges may rub against the duct walls when you first run it. This is okay. The blades will actually trim themselves down. That is how badass this...

      RobotGeek 12v Mini Self-Priming Pump
      Price: $17.95 In Stock
      Item #: RG-SMPUMP -

        If you are looking for an Arduino Pump the RobotGeek small liquid and air pump is a great solution. This pump is self priming so it can be used for projects involving plant watering, suction, drainage, drink dispensing, barbots, and more. To use this for an Arduino Pump project all you need is a RobotGeek Relay and seperate power supply. The pump can operate at either 6 or 12 volts and packs a punch in a small package! Recommended Arduino Pump Tutorials: Arduino ShotBot Project Arduino Pump...

        12v DC Motor Pump - Full View
        Price: $24.95 In Stock
        Item #: TI-TG-02B-DC12B -

          If you are looking for a food safe Arduino Pump the RobotGeek Large Liquid Pump is a great solution. This pump is self priming, quiet, and can move up to 2 liters per minute. To use this for an Arduino Pump project all you need is a RobotGeek Relay and seperate power supply. The pump will work with standard aquarium tubing. The fit is a little tight, but the tubing will go on. We recommend picking up some of our food safe 3.5mm silicone tubing which fits great and goes on easier! ...

          Solenoid Valve arduino Solenoid valve, arduino solenoid water valve, solenoid liquid valve, arduino solenoid valve, arduino water valve, arduino liquid valve
          Price: $19.95 In Stock
          Item #: HW-WVALVE -

            If you are looking for an Arduino solenoid valve the RobotGeek liquid solenoid valve is a perfect solution. Compact with mounting holes make it a great fit for DIY projects of all kinds. The Solenoid Valve is a great companion to the Large DC Liquid Pump and the Small DC Liquid Pump. When building pumping projects sometimes it is necessary to add a valve to stop either liquid back draw or unwanted flow. When using diaphram pumps if your liquid supply is higher than your pouring point, pressure...