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Standoff Variety Pack

Price: $19.95
Availibility: In Stock


The Standoff Variety Pack will help you build just about any project. You can use these standoffs to mount boards like RobotGeek I/O boards, Arduino and Arbotix boards, or just about any board with mounting holes at least 3mm wide. You can also use standoffs to build your own robot creation - these are the same standoffs used in all of The InterbotiX kits, from Cralwers and Arms to Turrets and Commanders.

Do you need bolts for securing your standoffs? Try out the Metric Nut and Bolt Variety Pack.


  • 20x M3*10mm Female-Female Standoffs
  • 20x M3*15mm Female-Female Standoffs
  • 20x M3*20mm Female-Female Standoffs
  • 20x M3*30mm Female-Female Standoffs
  • 20x M3*10mm Female-Female Standoffs
  • 20x M3*15mm Male-Female Standoffs
  • 100x Flat Washers

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