RFID Starter Kits
RFID Starter Kits

RobotGeek RFID Lock Box Kit RobotGeek, RFID, Lockbox, Kit, Robot, Geek, Lock, solenoid, RFIDuino, Geekduino, Trossen, Robotics, Project, Box
Price: $59.95 In Stock

    The RobotGeek RFID Lock Box kit combines Arduino, RFID and a Project Box to make your very own personal safe! The lock box kit allows you to to program your arduino to lock and unlock the box with the swipe an RFID tag or card, it even stays locked if unplugged. Mildly secure your semi-valuables in this decorative conversation piece!   We don't advise keeping real valuables in the treasure box!Kit Inclues:1x Wooden Project Box1x RobotGeek Geekduino1x RobotGeek RFIDuino1x RobotGeek...

    EM4102 Tag Kit
    Price: $15.99 In Stock
    Item #: RFID-KT-TGKT4 -

      Kit Includes (1) Credit Card Thin Card (ISO) (1) Thick Card (Clamshell) (1) Inventory Label - Square Version (38 x 38 mm) (1) 18mm Button with Sticker Backing (1) 35mm White Disk with Hole (1) 30mm Global Tag (black) (1) 25mm White Disk (1) 25mm White Disk (sticker backing) (1) 30mm Clear Thin Lamination Disk (1) 30mm Clear Thin Lamination Disk (sticker backing) (1) 25mm Clear Thin Lamination Disc (1) Blue Key Fob (1) Wristband Watch Style *Tags might change depending on availability, but will...

      Hobby RFID Starter Kit Hobby RFID Starter Kit, RFID Kit, RFID Arduino Kit, Arduino RFID kit, arduino RFID shield
      Price: $39.95 In Stock
      Item #: RG-RFIDUINO-BKIT -

        The Hobby RFID Starter Kit is a great way to get started in experimenting with Arduino and RFID. This RFID kit gives you everything you need to get up and running. RFIDuino V1.2 - An Arduino RFID Shield Geekduino Controller EM4102 Tag Kit ~Duino Mount Kit Micro USB cable Sample code for ARduino RFID Projects The RFIDuino V1.2 Arduino RFID Shield makes it easy to turn your Arduino microcontroller into an RFID reader. Just drop the RFIDuino Shield onto your Arduino, load the sample code to get...

        RFIDuino Wireless Upgrade Kit Wireless RFID, Xbee RFID,
        Price: $76.95 In Stock
        Item #: KIT-RFIDUINO-W-KT -

          The RFIDunio Wireless Communication Starter Kit provides everything you need to harness the powerful and versatile technology of Zigbee wireless communication and free your RedBee from wires. Perfect for remote installations, mobile platforms, or any application where 'cutting' the USB cable to your PC is convenient.   [2x] XBee 1mW Communication Module This is the very popular 2.4GHz XBee module from Digi. These modules take the 802.15.4 stack (the basis for Zigbee) and wrap it into a...