Legacy Robotis Dynamixel Frames

Frame 116S
Price: $3.00 In Stock
Item #: RO-903-0005-000 -

    Frame Bracket for the DX-117 Dynamixel.   Example of DX-117 & OF-116S

    Frame OF-RX28B RX-28, Bracket, Frame, Frame OF-RX28B, Robotis, Dynamixel
    Price: $10.00 In Stock
    Item #: M-300-B-OF-RX28B -

      Frame OF-RX28B provides a mounting pattern on the rear side of the RX-28 Dynamixel.   Example of RX-28 bracket system. Product Pictures Projects Using the RX-28 & RX-24 Dynamixel Servos & Brackets --> --> ...

      Frame OF-28FL RX-28, Bracket, Frame
      Price: $5.00 In Stock
      Item #: M-300-B-OF-28FL -

        Frame OF-28FL provides a mounting point for a bearing hub. Projects Using the RX-28 & RX-24 Dynamixel Servos & Brackets --> --> ...

        Frame OF-64S2 RX-64, Bracket, Frame
        Price: $5.00 In Stock
        Item #: RO-903-0010-000 -

          Side Frame Bracket for the RX-64 Dynamixel.   Example of RX-64 & OF-64S2 Projects Using the RX-64 Dynamixel Servos & Brackets --> Strength & Speed Chart of the Dynamixel Family --> ...

          Frame OF-106HD EX-106, Bracket, Frame
          Price: $15.00 In Stock
          Item #: M-300-B-OF-106HD -

            Frame OF-106HD is a double wide straight hinge frame for building joints. This frame is JOINT only - it does not include the idler shown above.

            Custom Frame OF-28H45-Bracket Only
            Price: $10.00 In Stock
            Item #: M-300-B-OF-28H45-BO -

              This is a legacy frame that is compatible with the old style 'N1' horn The frame is compatible with N1 RX-24/RX28. It is not compatible with the new 'N101' horn.