DYNAMIXEL Controllers
DYNAMIXEL Controllers

Arbotix M Robocontroller
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    The ArbotiX-M Robocontroller is at the heart of every Interbotix Robot. This versatile robot controller is an advanced control solution for BIOLOID and DYNAMIXEL based actuators. As an Arduino compatible microcontroller the Arbotix Robocontroller also benefits from a huge open source community of libraries and examples. Since its release in 2010 the Arbotix has quickly become a favorite among builders worldwide from hobby to high level research. The 'M' in ArbotiX-M stands for mini - this new...

     USB2AX v3.2a Xevelabs, xevel, xachikoma, USB, AX, USB to AX, v3.2a, TTL, Dynamixel, Servo Interface
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    Item #: XE-USB2AX -

      The Xevelabs USB2AX v3.2a USB to TTL Dynamixel Servo Interface is diminutive in size, but talks a big game with any device utilizing a half-duplex TTL interface 3-pin connector using the Dynamixel Protocol! The USB2AX works as a serial device, receiving messages from your PC via USB, and transmitting the data over to the DYNAMIXEL chain. You can send and read data to/from DYNAMIXEL servos just like you would with a microcontroller. Often a USB2DYNAMIXEL adapter would be used to connect a PC to...

      USB2AX AX / MX Servo Manager Kit USB2AX, AX, MX, Dynamixel, Servo, Manager, Kit, xevel, xevelabs, robotis, usb, ttl
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      Item #: KIT-USB2AX -

        The USB2AX AX/MX Servo Manager Kit allows you to connect with your AX/MX Dynamixel servos utilizing a half-duplex TTL interface 3-pin connector! The USB2AX works as a serial device, receiving messages from your PC via USB, and transmitting the data over to the DYNAMIXEL chain. You can send and read data to/from DYNAMIXEL servos just like you would with a microcontroller. This kit is very similar to the Dynamixel Servo Manager Kit, however, it does not have a 4-pin connector for communication...

        arbotiX Robocontroller Starter Kit arbotix, robot controller, starter kit, robocontroller, bioloid, ax-12, robotis, ax-12+
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        Item #: KIT-C-400-arbotiXv1-Starter -

          The arbotiX Robocontroller Starter Kit provides everything you need to get started with this powerful new robotics controller. Do you want to free your robot of wires? Send sensory data back to your PC? Control your robot from up to 300 feet away without having to worry about interference issues inherit in most 2.4ghz technology? XBee technology is the answer. From simply 'cutting' your serial cable, to creating a wireless mesh network perfect for swarm robotics, you can take your robotics...

          Robotis USB2Dynamixel Adapter robotis usb2dynamixel, usb2dynamixel, usb to dynamixel
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          Item #: RO-902-0032-000 -

            Control a network of Robotis Dynamixels from your PC's USB port!  The USB2Dynamixel adapter has three output options: TTL-level RS232:  3-pin connector; used with AX and MX-T series Dynamixels.  AX-12A AX-18A AX-12W MX-28T MX-64T MX-106T RS485:  4-pin connector; used with RX, EX and MX-R series DYNAMIXELS RX-24F RX-28 RX-64 MX-28R MX-64R MX-106R EX-106 RS232 DB9: 9-pin standard RS232 serial port.  This port is perfect for connecting the Zig2Serial adapter, the CM-5 or...

            AX/MX DYNAMIXEL Servo Manager Kit AX Dynamixel Manager, Dynamixel Manager, Dynamixel Development Kit, MX Dynamixel Manager
            Price: $90.95-$100.95 In Stock
            Item #: KIT-DXL-MGR -

              The AX/MX DYNAMIXEL Servo Manager Kit is a perfect starting point for any serious project using the Robotis Dynamixel actuators. It contains everything needed to interface AX & MX-T series servos with the USB2Dynamixel, including power/hub breakouts, and a cable pack. This kit provides access to the Dynamixel API, Roboplus Dynamixel Wizard for firmware updates, recovery, and an easy to use UI to configure & test servo attributes. A must have option for any serious Dynamixel developer!...

              CM-530 Robotis Servo Controller CM-530, Robotis CM-530, CM530, Bioloid controller, bioloid cm-530
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              Item #: RO-902-0062-000 -

                ** DESCRIPTION - CM-530 is a controller that includes a CPU, TTL communication board, status LED, input button, GP I/O port. - Compatible with the AX and MX series - Supports Bluetooth and zigbee communication - Connects via PC and USB comm. ** NOTICE - External design modified for compatibility with OLLO, BIOLOID STEM (coming soon), and BIOLOID PREMIUM. ** INCLUDES Description Qty Controller CM-530 1 Downloader Mini USB Cable 1 ** H/W SPECS Product Name CM-530 Weight 54g CPU ARM Cortex...

                CM-700 Robotis Servo Controller CM-700, Robotis, Servo, Controller, Dynamixel, Bioloid
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                Item #: RO-902-0023-000 -

                  Description The CM-700 is a new robotis controller with an onboard programmable CPU, simultaneous TTL / RS485 (that means AX-12/18 servos and DX/RX/EX servos on the same bus) communication circuit, and ZIG-110 connector. CM-700 SUB Board is composed of a power department, connector department, switch, and an additional circuit for 5 pin peripheral devices. Please note: The CM-700 requires an LN-101 USB Downloader to program it. Includes: - CM-700 - Power Cable - Mounting Hardware Manual CM-700...

                  OpenCM9.04-C OpenCM9.04-B, OpenCM9.04-C, Dynamixel, Robotis
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                  Item #: RO-902-0084-040 -

                    The Open CM9.04 C is an open source micro-controller from ROBOTIS powered by the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor. Any 3-pin DYNAMIXEL servo using the TTL communication protocol can be used with the OpenCM9.04-C. With plenty of processing power, this controller is a great choice for robot building using multiple servos! Each kit includes: 1 x OpenCM9.04-C micro-controller 2 x 20 pin male header row 2 x 20 pin female header row 1 x USB micro-B cable 1 x Instruction manual Program the board using...

                    Little Fuses for CM controllers
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                    Item #: RO-903-0178-000 -

                      These are replacement fuses for the CM-510, CM-530 and the CM-700. Each pack contains 10 fuses. Each fuse is rated at 125VAC, 10A.