5S 18.5V 2600mAh Pro Lite V2 20C LiPo Battery TP2600-5SPL2, 5S, 18.5V, 2600mAh, Pro Lite V2, 20C, LiPo, Lithium Polymer, Battery, Thunder Power RC
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        Thunder Power RC Pro Lite series batteries have been the standard by which all light-weight, high-performance LiPo batteries have been measured since 2005. Often imitated but never duplicated, Pro Lite series batteries continue to offer the world's highest energy density (capacity and power per weight) and industry-leading cycle life delivery that sees many batteries still in use years and upwards of 400-500+ cycles later. And now G4 Pro Lite V2 20C series batteries deliver...

    NiMH Rechargable Battery 7.2v 4200mAh
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      Features and Benefits High Capacity High Power Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack for Robots. NiMH technology enables convenient charging at any time. No cell memory effect. No need to fully discharge before recharging. HIgh power delivery with 35 Amp maximum discharge rate. Uniquelydesigned& manufacturedfor high performance. 6 months warranty. Technical Specifications Standard Dimension: 5.4"x1.87'x0.95" inch Weight: 12.5 Oz Capacity: 4200 mAh Voltage: 7.2V Connector: Standard Tamiya...

      12V 2600mA NiMH 10 Cell Battery 12V 2600mA NiMH 10 Cell Battery
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