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Sensor Y Cable - 100mm sensor Y cable, sensor splitter cable, servo y cable, servo splitter cable
Price: $1.95 In Stock

    The Sensor Y Cable is a great tool for splitting a single signal to multiple output boards. These cables are 100mm long and use a standard .1"/2.54mm pitch, making them compatible with RobotGeek I/O boards, Hobby servos, and breadboards. With this cable you can easily connect from a single output port on the RobotGeek Sensor Shield to a RobotGeek Relay, a RobotGeek LED Driver or a RobotGeek Buzzer. Combine this cable with 2 3-Pin Couplers to easily connect from 1 port to 2 Hobby Servos. You...

    9mm Push Button with Jumper Wires 9mm push buttom with jumpers, 9mm push buttom, red push button, push button with jumpers, button with jumper cables,
    Price: $1.95 In Stock

      The 9mm Push Button with Jumper Wires is great for any enclosure projects that need a panel mount push button. The button is an SPST button with two 30cm female jumper wires- plug them straight into your project, or snip them off!Each button includes a mounting plate and all necessary hardware to mount to any RobotGeek product that has a centimeter grid pattern.

      4 Pin Sensor Cable 300mm 4 pin sensor cable, 4pin sensor cable, lcd sensor cable, lcd cable, 4pin cable, 4 pin cable, sensor cable
      Price: $1.95 In Stock

        This standard 4 Pin Sensor Cable is 30cm long and has a .1"/2.54mm pitch, making it compatible with 4-pin sensors and shields. You can also add Pin Couplers and attach the cable to breadboards.

        Female Dean to Female Barrel Plug Cable female dean, female barrel plug, power cable, cable
        Price: $3.95 In Stock

          LiPo batteries are great for building robots, but using them to power your cralwer during development can be problamatic. Instread, use the Female Dean to Female Barrel Plug Cable to connect your robot to a DC power supply. Just plug the 2.1*5.5 female barrel jack into any of our SMPS Power supplies and the female dean connector into yor project and you'll be able to test for long streches without having to recharge your battery. Keep in mind that LiPo batteries can source alot of current, so...

          Panel Mount Dual Power Cable arduino panel mount jack, panel mount power cable
          Price: $6.95 In Stock

            This Panel Mount Dual Power Cable is great for adding a external jack to any Arduino enclosure like the Project Box For Arduino. This cable splits from the single female DC jack (2.1*5.5mm) into a male DC jack (also 2.1*5.5) as well as two .1"/2.54mm pitch female jumper cables. The male DC jack will plug into most Arduino boards, leaving the extra power cables available for motors, relays, and more!

            Panel Mount Squid Power Cable panel mount squid, power cable panel mount, power squid cable, panel power, dc power panel mount, dc power squid
            Price: $4.95 In Stock

              The Panel Mount Squid Power Cable is great for adding an external jack to any Arduino enclosure like the Project Box for Arduino. This cable offers the ability to power two things at once coming from a female DC jack (2.1*5.5mm) into two pairs of positive and negative squid cables. A great solution to power your Arduino leaving you with the ability to power motors, relays and more!