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     Price Each 

    Kit Includes

    (1) Credit Card Thin Card (ISO)
    (1) Thick Card (Clamshell)
    (1) Inventory Label - Square Version (38 x 38 mm)
    (1) 18mm Button with Sticker Backing
    (1) 35mm White Disk with Hole
    (1) 30mm Global Tag (black)
    (1) 25mm White Disk
    (1) 25mm White Disk (sticker backing)
    (1) 30mm Clear Thin Lamination Disk
    (1) 30mm Clear Thin Lamination Disk (sticker backing)
    (1) 25mm Clear Thin Lamination Disc
    (1) Blue Key Fob
    (1) Wristband Watch Style

    *Tags might change depending on availability, but will be similar in type.