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Product Description

The DE-SW0XX family of switch mode voltage regulators are designed to be the easiest possible way to add the benefits of switch-mode power to a new or existing project. The DE-SW0XX family is pin-compatible with the common 78XX family of linear voltage regulators. They have integrated decoupling capacitors, so external capacitors are not generally necessary. Standard available voltages are 3.3 and 5 volts.

Need a different voltage? Try DE-SWADJ3.

What is a switching regulator?

Product Specs

Model: DE-SW050
Performance: Up to 30V input range
83% typical efficiency, up to 87%
<2% ripple
1A output (continuous)
1.25A peak output (1 min)
1.3V typical dropout voltage at full load
Can be put in parallel
Applications: Battery powered applications
Point of load voltage regulation
Any application where a linear or LDO regulator is dissipating too much heat or a large heatsink is undesirable
Datasheet: DE-SW0XX.doc (627kb)
DE-SW0XX.pdf (877kb)
Example projects: Extending the battery life of the Spektrum DX6

Powering wireless video camera systems

Ben Heckendorn extends the battery life of his portable Atari 2600s by using a DE-SW050 on his custom built control board