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    Features and Benefits

    • High Capacity High Power Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack for Robots.
    • NiMH technology enables convenient charging at any time. No cell memory effect. No need to fully discharge before recharging.
    • HIgh power delivery with 35 Amp maximum discharge rate.
    • Uniquelydesigned& manufacturedfor high performance.
    • 6 months warranty.

    Technical Specifications

    • Standard Dimension: 5.4"x1.87'x0.95" inch
    • Weight: 12.5 Oz
    • Capacity: 4200 mAh
    • Voltage: 7.2V
    • Connector: Standard Tamiya
    • Standard Charge: 12 hours @ 300 mA
    • Rapid Charge:1.5 hours @ 3000 mA