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Before you use or charge this battery you must read the Lithium Battery Saftety Instructions and Warnings document.
  1. Do not charge or use batteries if the battery ...
    1. is punctured or damaged
    2. is bloated, expanded, swelling or otherwise deformed
    3. has any cell with a voltage of 3.3v.
  2. Do not charge batteries unattended. Monitor batteries during charging for popping, hissing, smoke, sparks or fire. Also monitor the battery for any swelling or other deformities. Disconnect the battery from your charger immediately.
  3. Do not charge batteries near flammable material. Charge batteries in a fireproof container. Do not charge batteries while they are in your robot
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Thunder Power RC Pro Lite series batteries have been the standard by which all light-weight, high-performance LiPo batteries have been measured since 2005. Often imitated but never duplicated, Pro Lite series batteries continue to offer the world's highest energy density (capacity and power per weight) and industry-leading cycle life delivery that sees many batteries still in use years and upwards of 400-500+ cycles later. And now G4 Pro Lite V2 20C series batteries deliver increased continuous discharge rate capability up to 20C, up to 20% more power and 4C charge rate capability with no loss of cycle life delivery. The end result is the series of choice for weight and duration conscious UAV/UAS and other industry professionals, sport pilots and competition pilots alike.
TP2600-5SPL2 Specs
Voltage 18.5V Nom - 21V Max
Capacity 2600mAh
Cell Count 5
Size 42 x 34 x 102 mm
Weight 292 Grams
Max Cont. Discharge 20C
Max Burst Discharge 40C
Max Charge 4C
Max Charge Current 10.4A
Max Cont. Current 52A
Max Burst Current 104A
Balance Connector Thunder Power