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Price: $174.99

    The Pro Lite MS Military Spec Series LiPo batteries from Thunder Power RC are optimized to have the lightest weight for their capacity. These Li Poly batteries use state of the art battery chemistry to provide high voltage under load and unmatched capacity-vs-weight. The Pro Lite MS series offers great value, low weight, and are perfect for applications like UAVs, Autonomous Rovers, Bipedal Quadrupedal and/or Hexapod Robots, RC 3D helicopters, Ducted fan jets, RC cars, and RC boats, or any application where battery size and weight are critical.
    TP8000-2S4PL Specs
    Voltage 7.4V Nom - 8.4V Max
    Voltage 8000mAh
    Cell Count 2
    Size 29 x 50 x 128 mm
    Weight 320 Grams
    Max Cont. Discharge 16C
    Max Burst Discharge 25C
    Max Charge 2C
    Max Charge Current 4A
    Max Cont. Current 128A
    Max Burst Current 200A
    Balance Connector Thunder Power