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Electronic Brick Chassis V1.1

Price: $14.50 $5.00
Availibility: In Stock
Item #: SS-ELB127E4P


Electronic Brick Chassis is a modular 'plug n play' style dedicated Arduino, Seeeduino, and Freeduino interface shield. It breaks out your Duino's available I/O with convenient 3-pin ports and data buses. Plug in a variety of Phidgets & Electronic Brick Sensors, Inputs, Outputs, and Accessories!

Yes! We can build electronics projects just as easy as piling bricks. The Arduino/Freeduino movement has made programming and physical computing easier than ever. The Electronic Brick system simplifies the process of interfacing sensors, inputs/outputs, and other various electronic components greatly!

By using Electronic Bricks, you can connect Arduino compatible boards easily with various digital, analog, and I2C/Uart interfaces. These breadboard-less, firm connections are compatible with an extensive list of modules such as potentiometers, sensors, relays, servos, buttons, and much more! Just plug and play!

Each sensor or I/O module has a buckled 3 pin plug with VCC, GND and Output, which has a corresponding port on the sensor interface brick shield modules. Buckled brick cables are like cement for bricks, make the connections easier, secure, and more professional looking.

Check out the Electronic Brick Starter Kit!

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